Boston Celtics Club Green Family Pack: A Slam Dunk for Affordable Family Fun

1/7/15 - By Tara D

When we go to see the Red Sox, New England Revolution, Bruins or PawSox play, my kids want the whole package--snacks, souvenirs, entertainment, and to watch the game (possibly in that order). I love New England sports, too, but I'm an even bigger fan of budget-friendly, all-inclusive family fun. With that in mind, the Boston Celtics’ Club Green Family Pack is a win-win for all: My kids get their swag, treats and entertainment, while I get a great deal that doesn't break the bank.

So when the Celtics invited us to try out a Club Green Family Pack and tell Mommy Poppins Boston readers all about it, I was more than game. Read on for the package details, highlights of seeing the Celtics play at TD Garden (it’s so much better in person, even if you do have a ginormous flat screen TV) and a few tips for getting the most out of the experience with kids. 


First, the details.

The Club Green Family Packs include:

  • Four (4) balcony or loge tickets for a 2014-15 Celtics game at TD Garden
  • Two (2) Club Green Kids gift packs (to be picked up the night of the game)
  • One (1) $20 credit, good for concessions or merchandise
  • Photo opportunity with Lucky the Leprechaun

Prices start at $99, and family packs of five or more can be purchased by emailing

Next, the highlights.

The actual game, of course: It’s wicked cool to see the Celtics play live and in person. Your seats aren’t going to be courtside (or even close), but let’s be real: You don’t want your two-year-old running onto the court, darting between the legs of seven-foot-tall guys. Right?

A feast for the senses: Hearing the pump-you-up music and the players’ shoes squeak on the court, seeing the ever-changing colors of the lights around the arena and the dancers’ impossible acrobatics, and smelling the buttered popcorn – it’s all part of the immersive sensory experience.

Total entertainment: There is action at all times, even when the game clock is stopped. Lucky the Leprechaun wows with his acrobatics; the dancers impress with their moves, and the spectators provide all kinds of entertainment when they’re caught on the Jumbotron (sometimes unwittingly). During time outs there are tricycle riding contests, legends honored, and other events on the court.

Camaraderie: It’s funny how you can become besties with thousands of other Bostonians in the course of a single game. Cheering with the other spectators, groaning in unison when the ref makes a bad call, clapping and stomping together with the Jumbotron Godzilla, dancing in celebration–somehow it all brings the crowd closer together.

Budget-friendly = VIP?  Getting a Club Green Family Pack isn’t just a good deal. It gets you special treatment. You can walk up to the Club Green kiosk, give a very friendly Celtics representative your name, and your kid is handed a drawstring bag filled with Celtics fan gear. Lucky the Leprechaun, the team’s mascot, will literally do back flips for you, and you can visit the concessions without your wallet and still get Cracker Jacks for the whole family. Sweet!

Finally, some tips.

Get there early: The gates open an hour before the game starts. I recommend trying to get there around that time to find your seats and get the lay of the land. You can watch the teams warm up, get great photo ops near the court and with the team mascot, pick up your Club Green Kids swag, and take bathroom breaks before the game starts.

Eat before you go: Your $20 concession credit will get you each a drink or a snack. You don’t want to arrive with a hungry brood when you’re paying arena concessions prices. Even better, use the $20 credit for merchandise instead of snacks, and you’ll have your own fan gear to show your Celtics pride.

Take the T: The TD Garden is at North Station. Seriously, you don’t even have to walk outside to get to the train. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Pack light: Bags aren’t allowed in the arena (reasonable-sized purses are excluded from this rule, but be prepared for a purse check).

Time your potty breaks: Take the kids for a bathroom break and snack run shortly before the end of the first half. You’ll avoid long lines and still get to see the half-time show.

Stick around: When the game is over, loaf around while the sea of people moves out of the arena. You’ll get to see the post-game activity on the court. It’s also a good time to check out the Celtics merchandise shops and take more photos of your kids (because you can never have too many).


This post is sponsored by the Boston Celtics, but the opinions are those solely of the author.

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