10 Boston Parent Blogs to Follow in 2016

With one year coming to a close and another soon upon us, we thought it would be fun to review some of Boston-area parenting blogs we’ve loved in 2015.

With the new year upon us, we thought it would be fun to review some of the Boston-area parenting blogs we loved in 2015. They cover everything from hyper-local events and healthy eating to LGBT solo parenting, and are the perfect additions to the two previous lists of some of our favorite local blogs from 2014 and 2013. In no particular order, here are some of our recommendations for local parenting blogs to start following in the new year:

1) Boston Baby Mama: MamaJ’s clever, witty blog posts will have you laughing from the get-go as she writes about everything from how to deal with picky eaters to decorating her home in a fun, child-friendly way. One of her genius ideas? A rave bath complete with glow sticks for reluctant bathers.

2) Boston Moms Blog: Several local moms contribute to the Boston Moms Blog, so the posts cover a range of interests and topics. One of my recent favorites was a Winter Bucket List that includes ideas for fun at home, local travel and ways to give back, all of which are sure to make Boston’s long winters seem shorter.

3) The Daddy Files: Mommy bloggers are plentiful, but the dad’s perspective can be harder to come by. Not so on The Daddy Files, written by Aaron Gouveia, where he chronicles his experiences in fatherhood from the mundane to the profound.

4) Fit Mama Eats: Written by local nutritionist and certified exercise instructor Nancy Oliveira, Fit Mama Eats features healthy, easy plant-based recipes you can make at home as well as reviews of local Boston eateries.

5) JP Moms: While this site has the word mom in the name, it’s open to any parent, caregiver or guardian, and it not only covers JP, but also includes Roslindale, West Roxbury, Hyde Park and Mission Hill. It’s not strictly a blog, but the online community parents and parents-to-be is well worth joining if you live in the area.

6) Keeping Mommy Sane: Jessica writes about her adventures raising two kids in the Boston suburbs and her passion for running, a hobby she picked up as a new mom, in a personal way that’s oh-so-relatable. In addition to writing about local fun, Jessica has an extensive travel section that’s really helpful.

7) Life with Roozle: Local mom Casey Carey-Brown shares details both funny (her daughter’s four Thanksgiving Day outfit changes) and serious (separating from her partner) from life with her daughter, who she calls Roozle.

8) Metrowest Mamas: This site, started by Charlene DeLoach who also blogs at Charlene Chronicles and was featured on last year’s blog list, has a focus on Boston’s Metrowest region but also covers topics like crafts, travel and product reviews.

9) Mom’s Favorite Stuff: Massachusetts resident Jodi Grundig is the mom behind Mom’s Favorite Stuff, where she shares recipes, gift ideas and movie reviews on her cheery site.

10) Somerville Moms: Like the JP Moms group, Somerville Moms isn’t strictly a blog, but it’s a must-use online resource if you live in the city. Any mom, dad or future parent in Somerville is welcome to join the conversation, swap toys and advice, share events and much more.

What are your favorite local blogs that we should be reading in 2016? Share them in the comments!

Top image from Somerville's PorchFest, a family-friendly event held in May each year.