Dig World TX is Construction-Themed Heaven for Little Builders

Get building at Dig World TX near Houston.
Get building at Dig World TX near Houston.

One of my go-to activities is to head to a construction site with my young children, who will sit and watch excavators and bulldozers move around dirt for hours. So when we learned that a construction-themed adventure park was opening near Houston, we drove from Pearland to Katy to check it out for ourselves. And Dig World delivered: Finally, my amateur construction workers could operate the equipment instead of just watching! We spent hours driving skid steers, digging dirt with excavators, and exploring the park's other features.

If you have little construction fanatics, then grab your hardhats and head to Dig World TX for an afternoon of fun. But first, read on to learn what to expect from your visit and how to maximize your visit. And don't forget to check out our Houston Water Parks and Theme Parks Guide for more theme park adventures.


Rides and Attractions

Dig World partners with Mustang Cat, and the construction equipment at the park all looked new and well-kept. There were plenty of employees working at each attraction, showing us how to use the equipment and making sure we operated it safely.

Vehicles at the front of the park are available for photo ops.

Vehicles at the front of the park are available for photo ops.

Just inside the park's entrance, there are three non-operational construction vehicles for kids to climb on and take pictures. Once your kids are ready for moving vehicles, head to the main construction attractions: 1) the Skid Steer tracks, 2) the UTV track, 3) the Mini Excavator dirt digging, and 4) the Mini Excavator pick-up game. Before we talk about each one, here's an important note: Kids must be at least 32 inches tall to ride the construction attractions, even with a parent. Kids can operate some of the equipment themselves if over 42 inches tall, and all of the equipment themselves over 48 inches tall.

Ready to do some driving.

Ready to do some driving.

Skid Steer Tracks

We headed straight to one of the two skid steer tracks. There was no line, so we got to drive the skid steers right after a brief tutorial from the Dig World employees. Both our children are under 48 inches tall, so my husband and I divided into two skid steers and they each got a lap. Drivers can control the skid steer forward, left, and right through the course. An employee walks with each skid steer to help guide it through the track. I had to discreetly help my 3-year-old navigate, but he thought he was driving and loved it. Dig World has two skid steer tracks and each track has several vehicles operating, which cut down on wait time.

Bonus: the skid steers are air-conditioned! This was a nice surprise on a hot day.

UTV Track

UTV drivers must be 48 inches tall, and 42 inches to sit in the passenger seat. There is one UTV track with one vehicle on it, so the wait time can be a little slower, but the vehicle moves quickly along the track. If you have speed demons over 48 inches tall, head here first.

Challenge yourself to pick up ducks with an excavator.

Challenge yourself to pick up ducks with an excavator.

Mini Excavators: Dirt Digging

After driving skid steers, we got right on the mini excavators. Our 5-year-old was able to operate one by himself, while our 3-year-old sat on my lap. Once you're inside the excavator, you can move the boom side to side and up and down, plus scoop with the bucket. It was harder than it looked, but my 3-year-old and I eventually figured out how to scoop some dirt and dump it back out. The controls turn off after a few minutes, and then it's the next person's turn.

The pickup game is harder than it looks!

The pickup game is harder than it looks!

Mini Excavators: Pickup Game/Pond Fishing

These mini excavators have a hook instead of a bucket, and each one has something to pick up in front of it. This was my 5-year-old's favorite attraction: he loved trying to pick up toy ducks from a bucket of water and move them to another bucket. My 3-year-old started with picking up giant LEGO bricks, then tried the ducks next. Again, my 5-year-old could operate this machine himself, while my 3-year-old worked the controls from my lap.

Dippin' Dots, please!

Dippin' Dots, please!

Other Attractions and Refreshments

Kids under 32 inches tall get free admission to the park, and they can participate in all the non-construction activities. There's a playground, big sandbox with toys, gem mining station, and TowerBall/cornhole. Plus, there were two giant bouncy castles, which turned out to be my 3-year-old's favorite attraction. Dig World occasionally has other attractions, like a petting zoo.

There is one refreshment stand in Dig World, which sells snack items and drinks. We bought Dippin' Dots and headed to the large covered pavilion. It was a hot afternoon, and the frozen treats and shade refreshed our kids enough to go on all the rides again. The pavilion is near the TowerBall/cornhole area and the playground and sandbox, so tired parents can sit in the shade while little ones play. The restrooms are also near this area and were very clean, with no lines.

Tickets, Parking, and Other Logistics

Tickets are $24.99 for a two-hour block for everyone over 32 inches tall, and you can buy them on the Dig World TX website or at the gate. Right now, Dig World is open on Saturdays from 10 AM to 6 PM and Sundays from 12 PM to 6 PM. The theme park is located in the Katy Mills mall area, and parking is free and easily available.

Expect to sign a waiver when you arrive. Once inside the park, an employee will show you where everything is located. There are construction vests and hats available for purchase if your little builder needs to look the part. With the exception of a gift shop on the way out, the entire park is outdoors, so plan for the Houston elements and bring water bottles and sunscreen.

All photos are courtesy of the author.




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