Christmas Tree Farms to Cut Your Own Near Boston

Best Christmas Tree Farms Around Boston, Massachusetts Area
Hunting for a tree is even more exciting when it's growing on a farm. Photo courtesy of the Massachusetts Office of Tourism

Whether it’s a family holiday tradition or a new experience, cutting your own Christmas tree adds a dimension to the holiday season that’s hard to match. There’s nothing quite like the real deal—a pine-smelling, sap-sticky, Christmas tree—and the opportunity for creating a lasting family memory in the process is an added bonus. We have rounded up a sampling of cut-your-own locations to get started; keep reading to the end for helpful tips to manage the selection process and keep your evergreen fresh through the season!


Smolak Farms — North Andover
Choose ’n’ cut trees include Fraser fir and Douglas fir. Stay for one of the special events offered by the farm during the Christmas season, like Santa's Workshop visits. You might even spot some of the fallow deer that live at the farm while you're on site.

Greenwood Tree Farm —​ Billerica
Select from Fraser and some Balsam Firs at this farm. There is also a Christmas Gift Shop where you can pick up unique items for gifting this season and try complimentary apple cider. 

Crane Neck Tree Farm ​— West Newbury
Variety of trees to choose from: Fraser, Balsam, Douglas Firs, plus Blue Spruce. Also offers pre-cut trees and cut-your-own trees at two additional locations. The Crane Neck location will also offer a snack shack and tractor rides the first weekend of December.

Turkey Hill Farm — Haverhill
Blue Spruce, and Fraser and Douglas Firs are available; price includes cutting, wrapping and drilling. Tagging is allowed at this farm, so you can pick your tree early in the season and come back later to cut it down.

Pick out your perfect tree at Smolak Farms. Photo by Sarah Jordan Photography 


Tree-Berry Farm — Scituate
Tree-Berry Farm grows a wide variety of trees: Balsam Fir, Fraser Fir, Canaan Fir, White Spruce and Blue Spruce. You can cut your own or one of the friendly staff members can cut it for you once you pick the perfect tree.

Indian Rock Farm — Foxborough
Balsam, Fraser and Concolor Firs are available at this farm. You can also pick up a festive wreath, swag or mistletoe to complete your holiday decorating. 

Deerfield Tree Farm — Millis
You can choose from a variety of spruce and fir trees at this farm. The festivity continues with visits from Santa, a fire pit and coffee and hot cocoa for warming up.

Pakeen Farm — Canton
The farm offers a variety of trees: Balsam fir, Fraser fir, Concolor fir, Blue Spruce, White Spruce and Norway Spruce. The farm also has pre-cut trees, hot cocoa, wreaths and other holiday decorations.


Vandervalk Tree Farm — Mendon
Select from cut-your-own Balsam and Fraser fir trees. Or get one of the pre-cut trees available at the farm. Visit the Christmas Barn for holiday goods and decorations. 

Doe Orchards — Harvard
The orchard offers Balsam fir, Concolor fir and Blue Spruce. Trees are sold on a first-come, first-served basis (no pre-tagging).

Sleigh Bell Christmas Tree Farm — Sutton
Choose from a large variety of cut-your-own spruce, pine and fir trees. The farm also offers swags, wreaths, hay wagon rides on weekends, cocoa, fire pit for warming up, and a holiday gift barn. Santa visits during the first weekend of December!

Mistletoe Christmas Tree Farm — Stow
This farm sells a wide variety of trees: Fraser fir, Balsam fir, Fralsam fir, Canaan Fir, Concolor fit, Blue Spruce and Norway Spruce. The farm has an old-fashioned atmosphere, Christmas music playing and hot cocoa for warming up.


Cranston's Christmas Tree Farm — Ashfield
The farm grows Balsam, Concolor and Fraser fir trees. It also offers pre-cut trees, wreaths and greenery, maple syrup, honey, brush ornaments, syrup gifts boxes and baskets, and more. 

Radebaugh’s Christmas Tree Farms — Belchertown and Wilbraham
Two locations offer a variety of fir trees. The farms also offer wreaths, sprays, garlands, tree stands and live trees. Saws and twine provided, baling available ($). 

Cut-Your-Own Tips. No matter where you plan to go to cut your tree, here are some tips for fool-proofing your trip:

  • Call the farm before going:
    • Confirm that the location is open, particularly if the weather is questionable
    • Confirm that trees are still available. Some farms limit the amount of trees they sell in a season, and shut down without any website updates.
    • Confirm that pets are allowed if you plan to bring the family dog for that perfect photo op.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather! This is an outdoor, pick-your-own, physical experience.
  • Check with the location if you need a handsaw. Chainsaws are prohibited, but many locations offer hand saws, twine and tree wrap.
  • Bring your own work gloves and a tarp or old blanket to protect your car.
  • Most places are cash and carry - bring cash or checkbook.
  • Cut as close to the ground as possible (you can always trim excess stump later).
  • Place your tree in warm water as soon as it arrives home.
  • Keep the tree base submerged in water throughout the holiday season.

For additional cut-your-own Christmas tree farm locations, visit the Massachusetts Christmas Tree Association website.

Photo: Christmas Tree Farm, Deerfield, courtesy of Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism.

Originally published November 2011 and updated Nov 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018.

Smolak Farms North Andover , MA
Phone: 978-682-6332
42° 41' 55.3272" N, 71° 8' 6.2088" W
Greenwood Tree Farm Billerica , MA
Phone: 978-667-5380
42° 33' 30.3192" N, 71° 16' 8.2056" W
Crane Neck Tree Farm West Newbury , MA
Phone: 978-363-1272
42° 48' 5.328" N, 70° 59' 23.2008" W
Turkey Hill Farm Haverhill , MA
Phone: 978-372-9474
42° 46' 34.3272" N, 71° 4' 38.208" W
Tree-Berry Farm Scituate , MA
Phone: 781-545-7750
42° 11' 45.366" N, 70° 43' 33.1464" W
Indian Rock Farm Foxborough , MA
Phone: 508-543-7081
42° 3' 55.3572" N, 71° 14' 52.1916" W
Deerfield Tree Farm Millis , MA
Phone: 617-803-0493
42° 10' 15.2292" N, 71° 21' 51.5304" W
Vandervalk Tree Farm Mendon , MA
Phone: 508-478-8733
42° 6' 20.0016" N, 71° 33' 10.0008" W
Doe Orchards Harvard , MA
Phone: 978-772-4139
42° 30' 0" N, 71° 34' 59.9988" W
Sleigh Bell Christmas Tree Farm Sutton , MA
Phone: 508-234-6953
42° 9' 0.126" N, 71° 45' 47.8368" W
Cranston Christmas Tree Farm Ashfield , MA
Phone: 413-628-0090
42° 31' 35.0004" N, 72° 47' 20.0004" W
Radebaugh’s Christmas Tree Farms Belchertown , MA
Phone: 413-455-4119
42° 16' 37.3296" N, 72° 24' 3.3048" W
Radebaugh’s Christmas Tree Farms Wilbraham , MA
Phone: 413-455-4119
42° 7' 25.338" N, 72° 25' 53.3028" W
Pakeen Farm
109 Elm St.
02021 Canton , MA
Phone: 781-828-0111
42° 12' 2.0772" N, 71° 8' 12.066" W
Mistletoe Christmas Tree Farm
149 Whitman St.
01775 Stow , MA
Phone: 978-298-5688
42° 24' 43.3584" N, 71° 30' 49.4244" W