World of Coca-Cola: A Bubbly Review of Atlanta's Beverage Museum

Check out vintage Coca-Cola signs at the museum gift shop.
Check out vintage Coca-Cola signs at the museum gift shop.
7/29/22 - By Elsa Simcik

Atlanta and Coke: They just go together. If you haven't visited World of Coca-Cola with kids yet, it's time to pay tribute to the best known beverage in the world. The popular attraction first came to Atlanta in 1990 as part of Underground Atlanta but later moved to its current location downtown. In fact, it was The Coca-Cola Company that acquired the land and designated sections of it for the Georgia Aquarium and the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, all part of an effort to revitalize downtown Atlanta. Now when visitors approach the plaza where World of Coke stands, they are within walking distance to several Atlanta attractions like Centennial Olympic Park and the Children's Museum of Atlanta. 

When we visited World of Coca-Cola recently, we saw all types of families —those with babies in strollers to families with teens and everything in between. The Coke museum is structured into seven areas, and the tour is a good mix of guided and not-so-guided. See below for more details on each section and don't miss our know-before-you go tips. Plus, you can save money on admission with a Go City - Atlanta sightseeing pass!  


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World of Coca-Cola Atlanta: What to See 

The Loft 

All visitors head to this memorabilia-filled room first and listen to a funny, five-ish minute spiel from a World of Coca-Cola ambassador. Our guide entertained us with the history of Coke and kept us engaged with questions. While guests are in the Loft, they gaze at historical Coke artifacts that represent 135 years of Coca-Cola memories from around the world. 

The Coca-Cola Theater

Next visitors are treated to a six-minute, surprisingly moving film called World of Coca-Cola Moments. The ambassador warned us to get out our tissues prior to the show and sure enough, we needed them. After the touching film, visitors are set free in the museum to explore. 

the coca cola vault with the secret formula
Pose in front of the Coca-Cola vault containing the company's secret formula.

Secret Formula Vault

Yes, the actual recipe for Coke is in a bank vault and is one of the most closely guarded secrets. Ever. Along the way to the Vault of the Secret Formula, visitors learn about the formula's origins and all the mysteries that go along with it. The end of this section is the vault itself, which is a popular photo opp. 

sitting on the American idol season 4 couch coca cola commercial memorabilia
Sitting on the American Idol couch, amongst Coca-Cola commercial memorabilia

Pop Culture Gallery

All the commericals and marketing campaigns parents remember, like "It's the Real Thing" and "I'd like to Buy the World a Coke" are on display in the gallery, along with lots of other iconic items, including the sofa from American Idol (season four). 

Scent Discovery 

Our noses went to work in this smelly exhibit, where we got to play an interactive game of "name that smell" with a Coke ambassador. 

3D Theater 

Guests enjoy another movie theater for a multisensory, 3D movie experience called, "In Search of the Secret Formula." 

Milestones of Refreshment 

This one is good for history buffs and mega Coke fans. It holds more than 1,000 original artifacts and tells the story of Coke, including its connection to Atlanta!

Bottle Works

This section feels like Laverne and Shirley, as visitors get a look into the zooming speed and precision of Coke's bottling process. Bottle Works is a quick walk-through, and my kids liked filming it. 

boys cheering to tasting coca cola products at Taste it!
It's carbonation overload when World of Coca-Cola visitors try all the flavors at Taste It! 

Taste It! 

Hands down our favorite exhibit (and likely everybody else's) has got to be Taste It! Visitors taste Coke products from all over the world and scan QR codes to learn more about them. Some beverages are familiar; some more exotic. There's a lot of exclamations like, "This tastes weird -- try it!" What's not to love?

World of Coca-Cola Atlanta: Know Before You Go 


The parking lot adjacent to World of Coca-Cola is convenient and costs $17 on weekdays. Since my family visited on a Wednesday in summer, we were able to find FREE street parking. There are also other lots slightly farther away that cost around $10. 


Save time and purchase advance tickets online. Prices are $19 (ages 13-64), $15 (ages 3-12), $17 (65+), and free (ages 0-2). Want to visit the Georgia Aquarium while you're at it? How about Zoo Atlanta and two other Atlanta exhibits in the same week? Your best bet is to buy a Go City - Atlanta pass, which saves money on multiple entries to certain Atlanta attractions, including the zoo and aquarium. 

boys posing with the famous Coke Polar Bear
Take a snap with the famous Coca-Cola Polar Bear. 

Coca-Cola Polar Bear

If snapping a pic with the famous Polar Bear is must-do during a World of Coke visit, make sure to check the main lobby signage for the furry friend's appearance times. 

The Coke Side of Life

  • While there is something for all ages at World of Coca-Cola, the fizzy museum is best for older kids and teens (take toddlers and preschoolers across the street to the Atlanta Children's Museum).
  • We spent about an 1.5 hours at the museum, but you could easily do two hours or make cut the time a little shorter. 
  • World of Coke's gift shop does not disappoint. Visitors can buy apparel, toys, vintage signs, and much more. Be warned: The gift shop is the only exit out of the building, so kiddos will have a one last chance for that final souvenir push. 
  • With all that drinking, visitors may get hungry—head to the Bottle Cap Cafe across the plaza from the museum for snacks and lunch food. They also serve Pepsi. (Just kidding) 

Kids outside the World of Coca Cola
Book a tour time for your adventure through the World of Coca-Cola. 

Refreshment Coming Soon

A top-secret, new installation is coming to World of Coca-Cola in September 2022. We at Mommy Poppins Atlanta will have all of the details so stay tuned! 

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