6 Innovative, Must-Have Baby Products That Make Mom Life Easier

Momcozy creates cutting-edge products for new and expecting mothers, designed to deliver choice and comfort.
Momcozy creates cutting-edge products for new and expecting mothers, designed to deliver choice and comfort.
6/11/24 - By Jessica Laird

From a mobile hands-free breast pump to portable video baby monitors and more, Momcozy creates innovative, essential baby products that work with your life.

Technology moves so quickly these days—and yet the women behind Momcozy noticed that innovation in the motherhood space was frustratingly slow. So, in 2017, they set out to create essential baby gear that was actually optimized for moms’ everyday lives. Making sure to involve mothers in the research and design process, they started by creating a breast pump bra that would provide a more comfortable and hands-free pumping experience. Of course, it was an instant success.

Since then, Momcozy has continued to create cutting-edge products for new and expecting mothers, designed to deliver more choice and comfort. Read on for a few of our favorite must-have items–from a cordless portable pump that tucks conveniently into your bra to a rechargeable bottle warmer designed to heat milk and formula on-the-go–and exclusive discount codes.

Must-Have Baby Items and New Mom Essentials

Momcozy Mobile Style Hands-Free Breast Pump

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Thankfully, you can forget the loud and clunky plug-in pumps of the past! A hands-free breast pump with cordless collection cups that tuck conveniently into your bra is undoubtedly the way to go these days. And Momcozy’s Mobile Style Hands-Free Breast Pump not only checks those boxes–it was developed based on 17,500 hours of research, over 1000 trials, and feedback from more than 1146 moms. This 2nd generation model has a powerful motor to support 3 modes, 9 suction settings, and a pumping rhythm designed to increase milk production. It’s quiet and discreet, carries a full-day-charge, and breaks down into 4 easy-to-clean parts.

Sunrise Echo Sound Machine

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Of course, sleep is hard to come by in the early days… But the Sunrise Echo Sound Machine is a very helpful addition to your nighttime and morning routines! Whether you or baby need to be lulled to bed, this handy little machine is equipped with 30 relaxing sounds, including nature sounds, fan sounds, baby sounds, and white noise. Fine tune the volume with 30 settings, and choose from a 1-hour, 3-hour, or 6-hour auto-off timer. In the morning, if baby doesn’t get to you first, the MorningSun alarm will wake you with gradually increasing light and optional gentle music. The soft light of the device also serves as the perfect night light for middle-of-the-night wake ups and feeds.

High-Performance Video Baby Monitor

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New moms want peace-of-mind, and a top-of-the-line monitor is one of the best ways to get it when you can’t be there in the room. Momcozy’s High-Performance Video Baby Monitor features a clear 5” HD display, a 1080p full HD camera, and a 360°all-round field of view. With the VOX function on, the monitor’s display will light up the second baby makes a peep, so you can see what all the fuss is about. For added safety, the monitor holds a charge for 11.5-22 hours and the non-WiFi connection means no one else can access the network. Up to 4 cameras can be connected for additional rooms or children.

Baby 2-In-1 Nasal Aspirator with Sprayer

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A stuffy baby is very rarely a happy baby–and it turns out it takes quite a while for kids to master nose-blowing! A mucus-clearing device like the Baby 2-in-1 Nasal Aspirator with Sprayer is a must for newborn congestion and colds. The easy-to-grip device has a spray feature that allows you to moisturize baby’s sinuses with saline solution, as well as a hospital-grade suction feature that clears the nasal passages. An auto-shut off feature limits spraying to maintain safety, while the quiet design makes for a fuss-free experience. Two tips are also included, so you can choose the one that’s most comfortable for baby.

Seamless Nursing Bra

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Restrictive bras and rigid underwires are just a no when you’re nursing or pumping. Fortunately, Momcozy makes underwire-free Seamless Nursing Bras with 4 signature “Jelly Gel” strips, designed to comfortably contour your body while still providing the support you need. Made of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX fabric, the bras are free of harmful substances, they’re smooth against your skin without cutting in, and they maintain their shape even after many washes. Four rows of hooks and eyes mean you can find just the right fit, and one-handed front clasps help make it easier to breastfeed and pump.

Portable Baby Bottle Warmer

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The moms who get it, get it. If you’ve got a baby who’s particular about milk temperature, bottles on-the-go can be a total headache. But this Cordless Portable Baby Bottle Bottle Warmer is the ultimate travel hack for your milk connoisseur! With advanced smart sensor technology to ensure your baby's bottle is always warmed to the ideal temperature without the risk of overheating or nutritional deterioration, this device has a quick heating function that warms 4 oz. of milk to 98℉ in just 2 minutes. It comes with 5 adapters to accommodate the most popular bottle brands. When fully charged, the bottle warmer can heat up to 4-14 times depending on the quantity.

For even more innovative products for expecting and new moms–and to learn about the Momcozy Care Program–visit the Momcozy website.

Photo courtesy of Momcozy