Hosting a Birthday Party at Home for Kids in Litchfield County, CT: Entertainment and Catering Ideas

Fun Ways to Have a Great Birthday Party in Litchfield County, Connecticut

Call me crazy but I love having loads of children playing games outside while roaming our property. Bouncy houses, petting zoos and old fashioned games like potato sack races and tug of war are always a big birthday party hit. Even though I've been known to have an outdoor party even when it's freezing outside (we have a bonfire!) it might not be for everyone. In those instances, indoor entertainment will keep you sane and the kids happy. We've listed some great resources for hosting a birthday party at home in the Litchfield County area. We've also included some of our favorite bakery and catering suggestions in order to make the planning process that much easier for you! For even more great party ideas check out our Party Guide.


"How Cool Is That?!" (Hands-On Science) offers inquiry-based, age-appropriate, messy yet educational science activities for children taught by a certified and insured Connecticut teacher. "Messy" means that kids will not be glued to their chairs doing worksheets. These are hands-on activities and children will be active participants in their learning, not passive observers.

Price varies between $12 - $15 per hour, per child depending on activity and location. There is a minimum of 5 kids with a maximum of 15 for children in grades K - 5. One hour seems to be about the ideal length of time. Velya will come to your home or rented area. All she requires is a large table, water access and electricity. It's nice to be able to go outdoors if possible. All materials supplied by Velya.

Possible activities include: Dissecting Owl Pellets,
Alka Seltzer Rockets and GAK: Chemical vs. Physical Reactions, Honeydew Melon Helmet Drop - how safe is your bike or football helmet? UV-B Awareness: UV-B bracelets and/or UV-B nail polish manicures, Understanding Density, Ivory soap in the microwave?? The Science of Tie Dye or Rubber Band Cars. Contact Velya at 860.354.4881.

Curious Creatures provides alligators, lizards, ferrets, snakes, geckos, bearded dragons, you name it. They will bring the animals to your home or to your school and create a one hour show with your bumpkin in the starring role. Kids get to learn about the animals as well as touch them. We did this for my son's 8th birthday. We invited his entire class to the school gym after dismissal and it was a great hit. 866.488.1417.

Pied Pipers Pony Rides will bring the pony to you. You'll have to get pricing information by filling out the form on their website. 203-431-8322.

Mobile Amusements will bring an arcade onto your own driveway. $300 for the first hour of playtime and $75 for each additional hour. Up to 18 kids can fit in their mobile video game truck, an arcade on wheels if you will, at one time. They charge varying delivery fees. For example Woodbury costs $25, Litchfield $50 and Kent $100. This could be a unique bat mitzvah or tween birthday party idea! 866.362.6873.

Domino the Great is an entertaining magician who will make your kid the star of the show. His shows are for 5 and up. Please see his website for availability and contact information. 877.322.1566.

Adam at Animalloons will create amazing balloon creations for the guests at your next birthday party. Check out his site to see his handy work! 914.227.6537.

True Value in Litchfield and Kent rent bouncy houses to set up in your backyard.

The Blue Bounce House offers bouncy houses, obstacle courses, slides and moonwalks.  Rentals range from $175 to $350 for the day depending on what you prefer to bounce, slide or climb on. 845.337.1890.

All 4 Fun USA has a large selection of bouncy options. Depending on your location delivery fees vary. 877.534.5867.


Cakes Unlimited in Torrington - great cakes and cupcakes. Will do allergy free cakes per request. 860.482.7060.
The Sweet Spot in New Milford - great cupcakes and treats. Their chocolate brownie truffles are dangerous. 860.799.7170.
Mamie's Catering in Roxbury - sometimes you want to impress not just the kids but the adult guests too. Mamie's creates delicious, fresh and healthy food. 860.210.0618.
Flour Garden Bakery in Woodbury - cakes, cookies, cupcakes.  203.263.7355.

Originally published 9/14/12.

Photos courtesy of Ally Noel.