The Biggest Baby Shower Ever is Coming To Boston: A Q&A with Big City Mom Co-Founders

We recently spoke with Leslie Venokur and Risa Goldberg, the driving forces behind Big City Moms and the organizers of the Biggest Baby Shower Ever. Big City Moms is a resource for for moms, moms-to-be, and families to connect through a variety of special and customized events. For the first time ever, the company has brought the Biggest Baby Shower Ever, a show that features over 100 of the best companies in the baby industry, to Boston.  We are excited to attend this event and meet our readers (and future readers!) face to face.  Stop by the Mommy Poppins Boston table to find out about our favorite things to do in Boston with kids, what you can do now to get connected with other new parents after the baby arrives, and how to get through the winter months with little ones. But first, get the details on the Biggest Baby Shower Ever straight from the moms who are making it happen. 

MPB: Tell us a little bit about your company and why you started Big City Moms.
Big City Moms offers events and support for expectant and new parents via online and in-person initiatives.  The idea was born after Risa gave birth to her daughter, Hallie.  Risa was looking for a program that would allow her to meet other like-minded working moms. When we realized that nothing existed, we created it!  Now in our 10th year, the company has evolved into so much more.  Besides offering our expectant moms dinners, daily new mom classes and our inclusive website, we work closely with companies to get their products and services in front of their target audience – moms!

MPB: What is the main goal Big City Moms strives to do or provide for its members/readers? 
We hope to make the transition into motherhood easy and offer support along the way.  Raising kids has its ups and downs, and there is no manual on how to do just that.  We offer advice and share stories from real moms and a curated group of experts.

MPB: Can you tell us about the various events you host throughout the year? 
On a daily and monthly basis we offer expectant moms dinners that cover a variety of hot topics, support groups for new moms and educational seminars.  We also host our signature event “The Biggest Baby Shower” in cities across the country. We bring hundreds of expectant and new parents together with leading companies in the juvenile space, along with parenting experts for a night of fun, shopping, sweet treats, games and more. 

MPB: Have you ever hosted an event in Boston before? 
We have not, which is why we are super excited to be hosting our first Biggest Baby Shower event on Tuesday, October 7th at The Back Bay Events Center.  After years of getting requests to come to the Boston area, we are finally making the move! 

MPB: Why are you excited to come host an event in Boston?  Have you heard anything special about Boston moms? 
On a personal note – we have many friends that live in the Boston area and we can’t wait to catch up with them (sans kids!).  But, overall – our online community from Boston is so strong, and the retailers in the area are so personable – we know it’s going to be a great night out!

MPB: What can attendees expect out of the Biggest Baby Shower held in Boston? 
Attendees can expect to be showered with information and gifts!  Having a baby is so overwhelming as is…At this event, we will help navigate through all the “stuff” that you actually need – AND have representatives from every company to show the ins-and outs of each product. We know that shopping and walking around can stir up quite an appetite, so we will have light bites and sweet treats galore!

MPB:  What's your favorite “baby" category: Feeding? Gear?
We are stroller geeks here at Big City Moms.  It’s kind of like how the rest of the population gets excited about a new iPhone…when a new stroller comes out – we HAVE to have it!  There is nothing quite like the first stroll!

MPB:  What's your most embarrassing parent moment? 
Leslie:  My most embarrassing parenting moment would have to be when I was in a crowded local park where I pretty much knew everyone (or they knew me from coming to our events).  My daughter (4 at the time) had such a tantrum over dropping her ice cream and I wouldn’t allow her another as she was about 2 bites away from being done with it (she’s pretty clever!)  She screamed so loud – you are the worst mommy ever!!!  Yup – I was mortified…Here I am offering discipline classes to all these moms – yet, I have no idea how to discipline and deal with tantrums myself!

Risa: When my daughter was 3 years old we were invited to a birthday party that started at 12pm. For some reason I put 2pm in the calendar.   We showed up to the party ready to have a good time when we discovered the party just ended.  I  felt like the worst mom, but I definitely made it up to her by scheduling a play date with the birthday girl later that day.  Since then I make sure to put all of the exact party details in the calendar and I will never make that mistake again.

MPB: If you could provide just one tip to new and expectant Boston moms, what would it be?
Live in the moment!  Embrace the change, and enjoy the little things.  At times it may seem hard – just remember that every stage is just a phase and then you will move onto something else….Its’ all just memories in the making. OH – and you MUST attend the Biggest Baby Shower Ever. 

MPB: We can't wait! 

The Biggest Baby Shower Ever will be held on October 7th, 2014 at the Back Bay Events Center from 6-9:30PM. You can purchase tickets here.

Photo by Brittany Lauren Photography, courtesy of Big City Moms

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