No-Mess Easter Egg Decorating: Sharpie Easter Egg Designs

4/7/14 - By Anna Fader

Yes, I love decorating Easter eggs and some of my favorite memories are of decorating eggs with my kids, but there have definitely been some years when I hedged a bit wondering if I really had to do the whole dying thing and deal with stained hands and whatever else the dye got onto. Then there were my son's sensory issues which meant he didn't like getting his fingers wet. Some years I tried to short-cut by having them draw with crayons on the eggs, but the crayon colors don't take well to the egg, so they just looked a mess. I wish I'd thought of this method. No mess, no wet, stained fingers...and a teenager will enjoy making these eggs as much as a toddler.


There's really only one step to this craft. Take your hard boiled eggs (or you can use blown eggs if you prefer) and draw on them with Sharpie markers. Try patterns, spring motifs, cute animals, even words. There really is no limit to what you can do. Good to know: Expo (dry erase) markers erase Sharpies. So if you do have any mishaps you can clean them right up. If you don't like the idea of giving a toddler Sharpies you can use regular markers, just be aware that the designs may smudge if you hide them in damp grass.

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