25 Skills Boston Kids Have by Age 10

3/2/15 - By Kip Wilson Rechea

As residents of the "hub of the universe," we Bostonians have a lot to be proud of, and Boston kids are just as proud of their city. At a young age, most Boston kids can recite important local historical events from the American Revolution to the Red Sox World Series wins, and have probably hit most of the items on our list of 100 Things to Do in Boston With Kids Before They Grow Up. They love our bustling harbor and sailboat-choked river, and have experienced their share of the arts, culture, and nature of the surrounding areas. Read on to find our fun list of the top 25 skills most of our local kids can claim by their tenth birthdays.

1. Name all the stops (in order) of the T line closest to home.

2. Can tell if someone on the street is a Bostonian or out-of-towner simply by the pronunciation of the word "garden."


3. Name when museums in town have discounted or free admission, though their tastes might have evolved from the Children's Museum to the Museum of Fine Arts by age 10.

4. Understand the scale of our solar system by having visited the stops on the Community Solar System Trail, starting with the "sun" in the Museum of Science.

5. Can classify local libraries by their kid-friendliness, from the cool reading table at the Brookline Library to the fantastic, colorful renovation at the Boston Public Library.

6. Know which playgrounds are closest to which T stop, including the Alexander Kemp Playground at Cambridge Common, steps away from the Harvard T stop, and the Esplanade Playspace, down the river from the Charles MGH T stop.

7. Huff it from on-street parking, no matter where Mom or Dad end up finding a spot. "What's a parking garage?" is a question a Boston child might ask.

8. Know the significance of the 1918, 1986, and 2004 World Series games.

9. Can dress for a really cold day. These kids can pile on layers upon layers upon layers!

10. Can navigate from the Swan Boats to the Frog Pond.

11. Can lead you to several sights on the Freedom Trail and tell you their historical significance.

12. Might not be able to make chowder (yet!), but can definitely identify a good one.

13. Know what Patriots Day is all about.

14. Know several beaches people can get to by train, including Revere Beach and Singing Beach.

15. Know where to find local sights from the Civil War, including Georges Island and the Boston African American National Historic Site.

16. Boston kids are sporty. Many can pass their parents on bike paths in the area, like the Minuteman Bikeway or the Charles River Reservation Bike Loop.

17. Can correctly pronounce both Faneuil and Quincy.

18. Have learned to appreciate all kinds of music from free concerts at the Hatch Shell and the Boston Public Library.

19. Are experts at getting on life vests in preparation for canoeing or kayaking or sailing on the Charles.

20. Have read Make Way for Ducklings and can name all the ducklings in the sculpture in the Public Garden.

21. Have learned to appreciate other great works of art around the area, from a dragon sculpture in Dorchester to the giant glass tree inside the Museum of Fine Arts to the musical fence in the DeCordova sculpture garden.

22. Can successfully dismantle a lobster and suck the meat out of a claw.

23. Can tell you things you might not even know about Paul Revere and John Adams.

24. Are skilled snow shovelers, though they might not care (or dare!) to admit it.

25. Although Bostonians love their Dunkin' Donuts, Boston kids can appreciate the artistry of the creations at local donut shops like Union Square Donuts.