Ways to Remember 9/11: Things to Do With CT Kids on September 11th

Things to do with kids for 9/11: 11th Year Anniversary in Connecticut

UPDATED: 9/10/12 Many of us are looking for things to do on 9/11 with the family.
The 11th anniversary is upon us and the heartbreak is still there as memories resurface. While 5 months pregnant, I was planning on taking my 3 year old son up to Central Park Zoo on that stunningly beautiful day. We lived on the Hudson River, 2 blocks from Ground Zero in Battery Park City. We experienced the tragedy as it unfolded minute by minute. We didn't know the towers had fallen until we were half way across the Hudson River on a rescue boat. I happened to look up and caught the second tower crumbling to the ground. For weeks, months and even years later we lived and breathed in the aftermath alongside our neighbors and friends. Through the tragedy we experienced the strength and love that can be created in a community of neighbors and strangers. We also gained a whole new appreciation for life that can only be found once you are so close to losing it.

We live in Connecticut now and my children understand the importance of the anniversary each year. We plan to attend a local memorial service and to review the photos and diary that I kept during the days (and years) afterwards; we'll also peruse the kids' 9/11 artwork that I have saved. We will never forget. Here's a listing of child friendly events that are occurring around the state so that your family doesn't forget either.

In Bethel there will a Memorial Service on Tuesday in the evening so that families can attend together.

The public is invited to attend the New Milford's ceremony for the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedies on Sept. 11, beginning at 8:48 a.m. with a bell toll. The program will be at the 9/11 memorial site maintained by a group of volunteers in the Patriots Way Plaza, behind the Railroad Station parking area.

Sherwood Island State Park in Westport has a permanent 9-11 Memorial. There's a black cherry tree and a low granite monument that on a clear day overlooks the city sky-line . Very simple but poignant. A nice place to reflect and remember the somber anniversary. Parking fees to the public are waived on September 11. On 9/10 at 5:30 the public is invited to a ceremony remembering all of the CT residents who perished that day.

At Elmwood Park in Danbury on 9/11 at 6pm families are invited to remember 9/11.

The Singing Policeman, Danny Rodriguez, will be at the New Fairfield Senior Center to commemorate 9/11 and tell his story. The public is invited to attend.

There are other events in towns all across Connecticut. Check your local paper for event listings that we did not cover here.