5 Summer Safety Issues Experts Want Parents to Know

We’ve partnered with Connecticut Children’s to share guidance from their free 2024 Summer Safety Toolkit.
We’ve partnered with Connecticut Children’s to share guidance from their free 2024 Summer Safety Toolkit.
5/18/24 - By Jessica Laird

When it comes to kids, summer safety goes hand-in-hand with summer fun–from keeping the ticks away to avoiding dangerous dehydration when temperatures climb. To ensure that families are on top of common warm weather woes, we’ve partnered with Connecticut Children’s to share guidance from their free 2024 Summer Safety Toolkit. As always, the comprehensive kit provides straight-forward, age-appropriate advice from leading pediatric experts 100% dedicated to kids.

Here are five summer safety tips you may not have considered, plus guidance from the pros:

Summer Safety Tips for Kids and Parents

Brush up on tick prevention

Did you know that ticks are most active in late spring and early summer (and again in October and November)? During that time, kids are most likely to come into contact with them while playing in or around wooded areas, in tall grass, and around lawn cuttings or leaf piles. Putting your child in protective light-colored clothing and performing regular tick checks are just some of the ways to stay safe.

How to perform a tick check >

Take water safety seriously

Constant supervision is key when it comes to keeping kids out of harm’s way while enjoying summer’s many beach trips and pool parties. Putting your phone down, limiting alcohol consumption, and avoiding distracting activities while your children are in or near the water can greatly reduce the risk of an accident or emergency. For pool owners, tall fences and self-latching gates are also critical.

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Know the best ways to keep kids hydrated

Interestingly, kids get dehydrated more quickly than adults because they lose more water through the skin when they sweat. To keep them chugging during warm-weather months, consider ways to get creative with water. And don’t forget about serving up water-rich foods that’ll add to their total intake.

Creative ways to stay hydrated >

Keep an eye out for signs of swimmer’s ear

Swimmer’s ear is an infection caused by water getting trapped in the ear canal–especially lake, pond, or ocean water. And, despite its name, it can happen to anyone from swimming, bathing, showering, or even just spending time in a humid environment. Pain and itching are some of the telltale signs of this outer ear infection, and a trip to the pediatrician or ENT’s office is the right next step if you notice symptoms.

How to treat swimmer’s ear >

Learn how to prevent playground injuries

Each year, about 200,000 children in the U.S. visit an emergency room for playground injuries–usually fractures, bruises, and scrapes from falls. Supervision is an important element of playground safety, but ensuring the area is clear of rocks, sticks, or other dangerous objects, and making sure kids’ clothing is free of drawstrings and cords that can get caught on equipment are important parts of avoiding injury.

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Help teenagers stay motivated when school’s not in session

Health and mental health go hand-in-hand with safety. And helping teens stay motivated and inspired during the summer months can go a long way when it comes to their well-being. Empowering your teen to set a specific goal for the summer–whether it’s learning a new skill or reading a certain number of books–is just one way experts recommend helping kids avoid restlessness.

Ideas for keeping teens inspired >

Schedule an appointment

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