These Free Interactive Typing Games Help Teach Kids To Touch Type

KidzType offers fun, interactive online typing games, plus helpful exercises and typing tests. Photo by Katerina Holmes from Pexels.
KidzType offers fun, interactive online typing games, plus helpful exercises and typing tests. Photo by Katerina Holmes from Pexels.
10/21/21 - By Jessica Laird

In these digital days, typing has become an essential skill for kids. From emails to essays to online classes, the sooner young learners master touch typing on the good old QWERTY keyboard, the better (and the less likely they are to develop bad “hunt and peck” habits that quickly become very hard to break).

So, what’s one of the best ways for children to learn how to type? With colorful cartoons and silly sound effects, KidzType offers fun, interactive online typing games, plus helpful lessons, exercises, and even typing tests. The well-loved, kid-approved program is completely FREE, with no registration required and no downloads, so you can get your aspiring typist started with a single click.

Dance Mat Typing Game

On the KidzType website, the Dance Mat Typing game is at the core of the learn-to-type program. The popular game is made up of four levels, with three stages each, and an expanding cast of characters that schools players in outer space. As kids make their way through the stages, cartoon guides provide typing prompts to teach the location of new letters, numbers, and symbols on the keyboard while also pushing players to practice previously learned keys.

The multi-level game improves kids’ words per minute rate, dexterity, and typing confidence—and players are appropriately rewarded for their growing skills with silly songs performed by a very cute choir of critters!

More Free Typing Games

Of course, the fun doesn’t stop with Dance Mat Typing. Take down ghouls in Vampire Hunter, dodge spacecrafts in Typing Pilot, or catch falling fruit in Apple Orchard—just to name a few. Choose from more than 20 animated games that teach and enforce touch typing skills. Kids can follow their interests to find games that get them excited to learn, and most of the options allow players to select a difficulty level, so they can continue to grow and be challenged.

Touch Typing Lessons, Exercises, and Practices

For a more straight-forward, no-frills approach to learning to touch type—or to practice skills previously learned through games—kids can visit Lessons, Exercises, and Practices on the KidzType website. There, they can select a group of letters, numbers, symbols, or commands to focus on, then follow basic drills where they copy sequences made up of the selected keys. As the lessons get more advanced, players are asked to type out complete sentences, helping to prepare for real-life typing.

Typing Test for Kids

At any time, kids can try their hands at a Typing Test on KidzType to assess their touch typing skills. In fact, it’s best that kids test regularly to see their strengths, weaknesses, and speed, and to track their improvement as they continue to practice.

Choose from a one-minute, three-minute, or five-minute test. At the end of each exam, the test taker receives an assessment that includes speed, accuracy, and even the number of right and wrong strokes—plus a Certificate of Accomplishment which can be saved or printed. Ready to get your kid set-up for touch typing success?

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