(Do) Fence Me In: 6 Great Playgrounds for Toddlers in Westchester

Parks geared especially for the under-5 set

There are lots of great parks and playgrounds in Westchester, no matter which city or town you live in. But finding a playground that’s suitable for the under-5 set can sometimes be a challenge: You want them to be safe—and they want to try that giant, twisty slide with a group of wild 7-year-olds on it.

No need to worry. Turns out there are a number of toddler-friendly playgrounds throughout the area, with plenty to do to keep them occupied and having fun. We've rounded up a few of our favorites.

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At Sagamore Park in Bronxville, there are lots of fun structures to climb. 

Sagamore Park - Bronxville
66 Sagamore Road
Tucked away off Sagamore Road, this nature-inspired park has lots of trees and vegetation, making it feel off-the-beaten-path even though it’s a quick drive into the heart of Bronxville. The majority of the playground equipment is made of wood, and there are two structures geared well for toddlers. (There’s one toward the back of the playground that’s better for older kids.) In the middle, you’ll find a large sandbox that’s well-stocked with pails and shovels, as well as a ride-on train ideal for creative play. There are also two modern-looking bucket swings, as well as a picnic table and open area with rubber flooring. Parking is on the street, and we didn’t notice any restrooms—though you’ll find lots of restaurants and shops nearby when it’s time for a diaper change.

Gillie Park - White Plains
85 Gedney Way
This neighborhood playground is right off Mamaroneck Avenue in White Plains and is a great spot to take your little ones. The playground, which features two different play structures and two bucket swings, is completely fenced in, with only one way in and out. One play structure is ideal for younger toddlers—from about 15 months on, my son had no problem navigating the area and loved the small slides. The second structure has more climbing features and three larger slides, and now, at almost 3, my son is all over it. Along with the playground, there are baseball fields and tennis courts, with seasonal bathrooms. Parking is on the street (be sure to feed the meters), and there are a few delis—we’re partial to Roosters—and restaurants close by. One note: The park doesn’t get a ton of shade, so in the warmer months it’s ideal for early-risers or evening visits. 

Scenic Hudson Park - Irvington
Scenic Hudson Park is a 12-acre park along the Hudson River with lots of activities for the whole family, including baseball fields, basketball courts and a stretch of paved road that’s great for walking, biking, or pushing a stroller (hello, naptime!). But one of the best features—at least for parents of young kids—is a small, fenced-in playground right near the basketball court. There’s one manageable structure with three slides, a “bridge” to walk over, and a ladder and stairs to climb. There’s also a large sandbox, though be sure to bring your own sand toys, since there were none when we visited. Another plus: There are restrooms right nearby and, in case you run out of water for the sippy cup, a few vending machines.   

The toddler area at the newly renovated Turnure Park in White Plains is totally fenced in and fun for little ones. 

Turnure Park - White Plains
26 Lake Street
​Turnure Park in White Plains recently underwent a major renovation and the result is great for toddlers and their parents. With totally new and colorful playground equipment, there’s a separate play area for little ones that’s fenced in and set off from the older kids’ area. The play structure includes a slide, places to climb and a toddler-sized space underneath that my son and his BFF deemed the perfect spot to play with their cars and trains. Along with the playground, the park itself has lots of green, grassy areas to walk or run around. Parking is on the street—and, in our experience, not too hard to find—and restrooms are available.

Kensico Dam Plaza - Valhalla
1 Bronx River Parkway
If the only reason you head to the Kensico Dam is to see the fireworks over Fourth of July weekend, now’s the time to go back with your toddler in tow. The park has a huge field for picnicking and a circular path that’s great for pushing a stroller or riding a balance bike or tricycle. The playground has one set of equipment that’s ideal for little ones and includes four slides, two bucket swings and fun areas to climb. There are lots of picnic tables throughout the area, vending machines nearby and restrooms right by the playground. In the summer, you’ll also find lots of free events happening at the park—from movie screenings to cultural festivals.

The car at Sunset Park in Croton is great for creative play. 

Sunset Park - Croton-on-Hudson
Lexington Drive and Sunset Drive
This one’s especially for Croton residents: Another recently renovated park, parts of this playground are especially great for nursery schoolers—and for encouraging creative play. That includes a smaller, wooden play structure with a slide and areas to climb, a car kids can drive—complete with a gas station for them to “fill up”—and a sand box with plenty of toys. A couple of other resident-only parks we love: Riis Park in Harrison, which has great equipment for kids to ride on and is right near the library and Bedford Hills Memorial Park in Bedford Hills, which is fenced in and has fun, but manageable play structures for keeping the toddler crowd entertained.

All photo taken by the author. 

Gillie Park
85 Gedney Way
10605 White Plains , NY 41° 0' 45.9936" N, 73° 45' 22.464" W
New York
Turnure Park
26 Lake Street
10603 White Plains , NY 41° 2' 10.5072" N, 73° 45' 41.958" W
New York
Scenic Hudson Park 10533 Irvington , NY 41° 2' 22.9704" N, 73° 52' 16.716" W
New York
Sagamore Park
66 Sagamore Road
10708 Bronxville , NY 40° 56' 44.0952" N, 73° 49' 55.362" W
New York
Kensico Dam Plaza
1 Bronx River Parkway
10595 Valhalla , NY 41° 4' 2.6508" N, 73° 46' 16.3884" W
New York
Sunset Park 10520 Croton , NY 41° 12' 9.0612" N, 73° 53' 5.4708" W
New York