Best Sledding Spots Near Philadelphia for Kids

Kids enjoy sledding on a hill off Kelly Drive. Photo courtesy of Philadelphia Parks and Recreation
Kids enjoy sledding on a hill off Kelly Drive. Photo courtesy of Philadelphia Parks and Recreation
1/19/24 - By Lindsay Li

Get ready for a snow day with our list of the best sledding hills near Philly.

When the forecast calls for snow, Philly parents ought to be prepared. Not just with the milk, bread, and toilet paper, but with the best spots to take the kiddos sledding on a snow day. Sledding is one of our favorite winter activities, so we're breaking down all the best sledding hills near Philly (not just by their cool factor, but also by age group), so you know exactly where you should head when we get a decent coating.

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Best Sledding near Philadelphia for Young Kids

Clark Park—West Philadelphia

Known as the Clark Park "bowl", these gentle hills are perfect for little ones, giving them a thrill without the large crowds or serious drops.

FDR Park—South Philadelphia

The hills here are not very steep, so they are perfect for little ones. There is plenty of room to slide around or be pulled by a willing and energetic parent. Neighboring Packer Park is another South Philly spot with hills to sled.

Best Sledding near Philadelphia for Older Kids

Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush—Northeast Philadelphia

This hill is seriously (I mean seriously!) steep. Only the pros should check this one out.

Austin Meehan Middle School—Northeast Philadelphia

This spot is great for thrill-seekers. Steep hills help you fly to the bottom.

Baldi Middle School—Bustleton

With a steep but concrete hill, sledders should be sure there is plenty of snow before pushing off. 

Bartram's Garden—Southwest Philadelphia

In the winter, one of the top attractions at this great Philadelphia space is sledding. Bartram’s is another hit that is suitable for all sizes and skill levels.

Fairmount Park is a prime spot to enjoy the snow. Photo courtesy of Philadelphia Parks and Recreation

Belmont Plateau—Fairmount Park

This spot is really popular and can get crowded, but the hills are nice and steep enough for kids to enjoy. Plus, in beautiful Fairmount Park you can get some amazing views of the Philadelphia skyline and warm up in the nearby museums if it’s too cold.

Burholme Park—Northeast Philadelphia

With several hills to choose from, your kids can decide if they want the daring experience or the more mild slide. But beware, picking up speed down one hill can land you in the Fox Chase Cancer Center drive.

Chestnut Hill Water Tower—Chestnut Hill

An abundance of bumps on the way down these popular slopes makes this location a favorite in the northwest section of the city.

Fernhill Park—Fairmount Park

This neighborhood spot has a mix of small and larger hills to accommodate a range of abilities.

John Byrne Golf Course—Northeast Philadelphia

This is a Northeast Philly favorite, so it can get crowded. But if you get here early, your kids can enjoy the large hills that offer fun without the fear factor.

Lemon Hill—Fairmount Park

Situated in East Fairmount Park, this popular spot has steep hills perfect for elementary-aged kids.

Museum sledding is a Philly tradition. Just beware of the bumps. Photo courtesy of the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Philadelphia Museum of Art—Fairmount

This one goes to the pros for the danger factor, although plenty of younger kids enjoy it as well. While it really is an excellent ride, sledding down concrete steps takes skills. It’s bumpy fun that is quintessentially Philadelphia.

Saint Joseph’s University—West Philadelphia

If the college students don’t get in your way with their lunch trays gliding down Hawk Hill, your teens will have a blast at this steep site.

Thomas Mansion—Fairmount Park

Another great place to sled can be found right behind Thomas Mansion at the Fairmount Park Conservancy. Known as Tommy's Hill, this long ride is sure to delight children of most ages.

Wissinoming Park—Northeast Philadelphia

Another great spot in the northeast section of the city with multiple options, this one can get crowded if you arrive too late in the day. 

Best Sledding Spots in Bucks County 

Central Park—Doylestown

Great sledding for all ages, but the big benefit is the awesome playground that you can use to keep the younger kids entertained in other fun, snow-covered ways.

Helen Randle Park—Newtown

Some kids claim to be able to catch double hills if they go fast enough—this is where tweens and teens go to outdo each other.

Magill’s Hill—New Hope

With "hill" in the name, it's clearly the ultimate sledding spot. This five-acre park has a variety of steep, wide hills. Kids are known to bring snowboards to this spot too.

Mercer Museum—Doylestown

Built upon a hill, this is another great combination of art meets sledding fun.

Nockamixon State Park—Quakertown

Offering winter activities such as cross country skiing and ice skating, Nockamixon State Park is also a favorite for sledding and tobogganing.

Tyler State Park—Newtown

The park is effectively one long hill, with little slopes all over the place.

Best Sledding Spots in Chester County

French Creek—Elverson

Between Chester and Berks County, French Creek State Park is a favorite sledding spot. The most popular place kids enjoy is the backside of the dam at Scots Run Lake.

Marsh Creek State Park—Downingtown

Located in north-central Chester County, Marsh Creek State Park has numerous winter sport opportunities such as sledding, cross-country skiing, and ice skating. Sledders can be found on the slopes near the picnic area by the East Launch.

Pocopson Elementary School —West Chester

With the famous “Devil's Hill” right in front of the school, children of all ages will enjoy this thrill. 

Best Sledding Spots in Delaware County for Young Kids

Ridley Creek State Park—Media

This is another state park that offers up great sledding hills for all ages. The highlight is a long, tiny hill that allows for a good glide without too much speed.

Rose Tree Park—Media

Wide, shallow hills are perfect for the little ones here.

Best Sledding Spots in Delaware County for Older Kids

Clayton Park and Golf Course—Glen Mills

You know golfers have to surmount giant hills, so these, of course, make for some of the best sledding hills in the area.

Odorisio Park—Wayne

Three hills make this a great spot for all ages, but toddlers might not want to battle the crowds.

Strath Haven High School—Wallingford

This high school boasts some great slopes. Since it’s a family spot, you'll often see people working together to build ramps and other obstacles.

Best Sledding Spots in Montgomery County

Abington Art Center—Jenkintown

Locals rave about the hill behind this art center on a snowy day, conveniently right next to Alverthorpe Park.

Fort Washington State Park—Fort Washington

Definitely not for the faint of heart, but not so dangerous that teens won’t want to go back again and again. Check out Lot #5 in the Militia Hill Day Use Area for a 400-foot slope.

Green Lane Park—Perkiomenville

Gentle slopes and huge spaces make it a great spot for the little sledders.

Mill Hill Preservation—East Greenville

With bragging rights as the highest location in Montgomery County, Mill Hill is the perfect spot for older sledders.

Valley Forge National Historic Park—King of Prussia

Hills of all shapes and sizes make this a great spot for all ages (especially if you are a family with multiple kids/skill levels).

The Willows—Villanova

This is a huge favorite, so it gets crowded. The hill is long and wide with plenty of room for all to enjoy.


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Belmont Plateau - Fairmount Park

Art’s Academy at Benjamin Rush

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