Snow Tubing Fun for Philly Families

Nearby snowy adventures in the the Philadelphia region
As a kid, snow tubing was one of the first winter “sports” I first experienced. I call it a “sport” because actually my tubing adventures consisted of our dad pulling snow tubes behind his 4-wheeler around our house. Safety standards have changed since the 1980s, so now we don’t have to resort to such…creative…measures to entertain our kids and get in on the snowy fun. We can easily take a quick trip from the city-limits and enjoy a day-long adventure of snow tubing down carefully crafted snow lanes! Winter fun doesn’t get more exciting than this!
If tubing isn’t your thing, many of the resorts also offer skiing, gorgeous wintery views, and in some cases nearby ice skating as well. 
If you don’t mind the trip and want to check out other great resorts, check out New York snowtubing locations for more adventures. 
Bear Creek—Lehigh Valley
In what may be the closest location to Philadelphia City limits, head to Bear Creek for a simple but fun snow tubing outing.
Note: Participants must be at least 6 years old and 42” tall. Personally I would call and check on this on a case by case basis. Our 3-year old is 40" so those guidelines seem a little off. 
Rates range from $24-$30
Blue Mountain—Palmerton 
The only park with family-sized tubes, Blue Mountain offers 39 lanes that are more than 1,000 feet long. Three lifts make for easy access to the top of the hill again. 3, 4 or 6-hour sessions are available, determined by the day of the week. 
Rates range from $30-$50
Camelback Mountain—Tannersville
Boasting the biggest snow tubing park in the USA, with 42 snowtubing lanes and two lifts so there is “more tubing, less climbing.” Be the first on the hills at 9:00am and go all day! Early risers receive discounts on snow tubing every Saturday, Sunday. The three-hour weekend sessions are the most popular, so if you can swing the mid-week trip you would save money and time in the lines. Camelback has a whole range of activities worth checking out during your trip.
Rates range from $25-$35
Take Jack Frost by day Friday to Sunday, and Big Boulder by night and weekdays with these two resorts in one. Sessions are three hours long and available at set times. 
Rates range from $25-$47
Shawnee Mountain—East Stroudsburg
Take the Pocono Plunge at Shawnee Mountain! The Pocono Plunge Snow Tubing park features single tubes as well as adult & child tandem tubes* with two conveyor lifts to whisk you to the top.
Rates range from $22-$42
Note: Make sure to check the size and age limits, as each park may vary. 
Photo Credit: Camelback Mountain Resort.
Bear Creek
101 Doe Mountain Lane
18062 Lehigh Valley , PA 40° 28' 35.5152" N, 75° 37' 32.25" W
Blue Mountain
1660 Blue Mountain Drive
18071 Palmerton , PA 40° 48' 38.97" N, 75° 31' 14.0484" W
Camelback Moutain
107 Resort Dr.
18372 Tannersville , PA 41° 3' 8.2188" N, 75° 21' 0.7416" W
Jack Frost and Big Boulder Moutain
357 Big Boulder Drive Lake
18264 Harmony , PA 41° 3' 4.1328" N, 75° 35' 34.7568" W
Shawnee Moutain
401 Hollow Road
18301 East Stroudsburg , PA 41° 2' 22.5744" N, 75° 5' 7.0368" W