Fun Stuff To Do Indoors During Hurricane Sandy

Indoor Activities for NJ Kids

Well, NJ, for the second year in a row, we’re facing a whole lot of “indoor time” with our kids due to freakish weather. We will say nothing about global warming in this post (ahem), only give you some great ideas for fun stuff to do inside while Sandy rages outside. Check out the tips from our own NJ writers, or hope over to NYC Mommy Poppins for a more extensive list of don’t-go-crazy ideas. Stay safe, NJ!

From Shari: I downloaded the $5 iMovie app on my iPad and the kids and I are making a movie called "Hurricane! or Weather-Induced Family Time" Yes, really.

From Erica: We are making crock pot applesauce , toasting pumpkin seeds and measuring rainfall with buckets.

From Tara: Make sure to pack a bag of special kid entertainment supplies.  Just got ours together this morning in anticipation of a mandatory evacuation so here's the contents: electronic fun (I'm old school with the Leapster and vreader, but will also be including my iPhone for netflix viewing), crafting supplies such as duct tape, string, crayons, markers, paper, coloring books, books, cards and other small travel games, sticker books, favorite stuffed animals, and of course valium for me (just kidding, readers! But I will be purchasing some wine).  I'm expecting lots of screen time this week so I made sure to get the kids outside today to burn off some steam, and rake up a whole bag of leaves.  Win-win!

From Kristen: Things that don't require power! Puzzles, crafts (autumn themed), crayons and loads of construction paper, iPad with toddler games and NetFlix, books, trains, etc. We also have some things for Mama and Dada like Boggle, Scrabble and Clue!

From Jennifer: *Art supplies galore (I usually keep some on hand we haven't used so it's new and exciting), puzzles, books. *We have a tent and a tunnel that we save to pull out on days we're stuck inside. *Cooking/baking activities. *Bathtub fun (Fill with water and play with bath or beach toys). *Picnic or tea party on the floor. *Take all the cushions off the couch and jump on them/stack them up/play with them. *Have a dance party. *If you have cardboard boxes, build a house/space ship/car, etc. *If you're in an apt building, take your scooter or bike for a ride around the hallways. *Put down masking tape and pretend it's a balance beam (or make a hopscotch). *Make puppets out of brown paper bags.

From Tracy: We are charging all tablets, portable dvd players and phones. :-)

From Sasha: Collecting the tons of Halloween stickers and craft stuff from past parties and putting them all together to make some decorations for this year's Halloween--hopefully we still have one!

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