Bilingual & Language Immersion Preschools in South Florida, Where Tots Become Polyglots

Photo courtesy of Andiamo Montessori
Photo courtesy of Andiamo Montessori

South Florida is known as a melting pot, probably because the people are as diverse as the climate is hot. To say that it’s advantageous for a resident to know more than one language is a huge understatement.

New languages are much easier to learn at a young age. And being a polyglot has huge developmental advantages, such as boosted problem-solving, listening skills, and critical thinking—not to mention that it gives children a leg up in their studies and future job hunts.

We have compiled a list of bilingual or language immersion preschools around Miami / Dade, Fort Lauderdale / Broward, and Palm Beach County—schools that teach in Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, and more—especially to help your tot thrive in the melting pot.  

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