Huttopia Paradise Springs: Discover the Best New Glamping near Los Angeles

A brand new spot for glamping near Los Angeles has just opened, and it's a piece of heaven right here in the SoCal mountains: it provides a haven for both hardcore camping enthusiasts as well as camping-hesitant newbies. Embrace the peace of camping in the outdoors at Huttopia Paradise Springs with giant pines, a babbling fresh spring running through the grounds, exquisite tents with all the amenities, and a grand pool in the middle of it all. Sleep in fresh mountain air without having to tote all the gear, pitch a tent, and then spend days unpacking and cleaning when you get home. Huttopia Paradise Springs has so much to offer to every kind of camper—and it's just waiting for your family to discover it!

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Huttopia Paradise Springs, the Best New Glamping near Los Angeles: an oasis in the woods

Getting There: A Surprise Oasis

As my family drove away from the strip malls and parking lots of Lancaster, we hit a highway that runs through dry, yellow hills freckled with Joshua Trees. We kept going and the dessert suddenly turned black—the ground was scorched and the Joshua Trees were pitch black. The scenery felt post-apocalyptic—like we had somehow stumbled onto an eerie movie set. 

It was awfully hard to believe our GPS, which said that we were only a few minutes out from our destination: Huttopia Paradise Springs. We arrived, parked, and followed a sign to check-in. The farther we walked onto the grounds, the more disbelief we experienced at the juxtaposition of where we had been mere minutes earlier—because suddenly we were in a true mountain paradise.

Huttopia Paradise Springs: Discover the Best New Glamping near Los Angeles: gorgeous tents

Everyone is excited to be at Huttopia, especially with these nice glamping digs.

We crossed a small footbridge over a bubbling creek; the meadow lawn in the middle of the grounds was sopping wet. Evergreens with huge pinecones stretched above us, creating a canopy of cool shade everywhere. Across from some vintage camp buildings, a blue gem of a giant pool sparkled as rays of sun hit it. It was like Dorothy going from Kansas to Oz!

We were greeted by smiling faces and warm welcomes, then given a map of the grounds and a key to our tent with a flashlight attached. Brilliant. This was our first sign that Huttopia has thought of everything.

Huttopia Paradise Springs: Discover the Best New Glamping near Los Angeles: plenty of sleeping space

Room for everyone = Happy glampers!

Accommodations—Huttopia Thought of Everything

For my family of five (two adults, one tween, one kid, and a baby) we reserved the Trappeur Tent. We were delighted to find our tent was larger than most hotel rooms (425 ft!). It had an indoor sitting area with two comfy chairs and a small bathroom that included a shower (with great water pressure). The sleeping quarters were sectioned off by thick fabric “walls,” allowing for far more privacy than most camping scenarios, and making it a smart choice for those traveling with tweens and teens who might need a little break from the rest of their crew now and then.

Huttopia Paradise Springs: Discover the Best New Glamping near Los Angeles: tent kitchens

Everything you need for camp cooking is provided.

The tent was outfitted with kitchen supplies—including real wine glasses and a cast-iron skillet—and the washing area was conveniently located on the deck, turning the normal chore of dishwashing in the outdoors into, dare I say, a delight. Speaking of the deck: each cabin comes with a spacious deck that’s got a dining table and chairs, a corner lounge, and some folding lawn chairs. There is plenty of space in these tents for every family member to do their thing in the morning: brush teeth, sip coffee, read a book ... Huttopia has not skimped on space or intention. It's got this glamping situation down cold and it shows!

Huttopia Paradise Springs: Discover the Best New Glamping near Los Angeles: a tent with a view

A tent with a view. (That would be all of them.)

How Did Huttopia Get Glamping So Right?

Huttopia, while brand new on the West Coast (this is the first location here), is a well-established company in Europe owned by an outdoor-loving French family. The Huttopia name, tent design, and even the French breakfasts are all imported concepts, so while new to us Californians, this company knows glamping! With forty-four locations in Europe and five in North America, Huttopia has had the opportunity to fine-tune every aspect of the glamping experience from the way the tents are designed to the extracurriculars that glampers have access to. And it shows.

The Glamorous (and Scandalous!) History of Paradise Springs

Huttopia Paradise Springs is surrounded by 135 acres of lush forest, an oasis 5,000 above sea level in the dry San Gabriel Mountains. During prohibition, it was a retreat called “Paradise Springs Resort and Trout Club,” where high-profile stars would come to indulge in love and liquor. Hollywood elites like John Wayne, Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin, and Gloria Swanson were all said to stay and play here.

Huttopia Paradise Springs: Discover the Best New Glamping near Los Angeles: The Pool

Jumping (in) for joy!

Ah, the Pool...

The large pool in the middle of the grounds glimmers its delicious invitation to come swim, and it is impossible to resist. The poolside deck is the perfect mesh of posh and nature, boasting stylish mid-century lounge chairs and sun umbrellas, as well as a large custom pergola forged from metal and bamboo. You’ll want to stay all day to swim and then come back with a glass of wine to watch the sunset from the sprawling patio. The pool is filled with spring water (spring water is the water source for all the water on site, including the faucets in the tents). The pool does not have a shallow end, so be sure to bring floaties for your littlest glampers whose toes might not reach the bottom. It’s hard to pull yourself away from this gem of a pool, but if your kids get a little chilly, there are many options for play right outside of the pool gates—including foosball, ping-pong, a giant Jenga set, hula hoops, and corn hole.

Huttopia Paradise Springs: Discover the Best New Glamping near Los Angeles: Poolside foosball

Tap into your competitive side and try your hand at foosball.

Beat Boredom with a Bevy of Activities

Beyond corn hole and foosball, there is so much to do at Paradise Springs! There is an inviting little game room next to the small store; the inside of the game room has been restored with old-fashioned charm and a golden velvet sofa sits proudly in the middle of the room alongside other nods to mid-century splendor. A game cupboard is available to all, and with the camp store next door, you can grab your M&Ms and let the sugar high fuel your competitive side in a game of Uno.

Huttopia Paradise Springs: Discover the Best New Glamping near Los Angeles: the game room

Game room? Game on!

There are many fantastic hiking opportunities in the surrounding area, or you can simply walk the grounds for an easy stroll with family. My kids loved walking barefoot through the natural spring’s creek path to see who could find the biggest pinecone. They also immediately formed a pack with the neighboring crews, and they all ran through trees and over meadows together. If your approach to tapping into nature involves less movement and more stillness, there is plenty of quiet space to lay down a blanket and read or meditate. And remember—every tent has that large patio perfect for lounging with a view.

Huttopia Paradise Springs: Discover the Best New Glamping near Los Angeles: pet-friendly

Great view from the living room—even the dog loves it!

Bring Furry Family—Huttopia Is Dog-Friendly

Huttopia Paradise Springs is dog-friendly! We were absolutely delighted to bring our pup along for the adventure. It’s such a task to find a pet sitter for family vacations, and at Paradise Springs you don’t even have to worry about it.

Huttopia Paradise Springs: Discover the Best New Glamping near Los Angeles: breakfast on the deck

Chocolate croissants and crisp mountain air: what better way to wake up?

No Need To Cook, But You Can

Okay, so part of the fun for lots of us campers is actually cooking al fresco, but sometimes parents just need a break. Once again, Huttopia has everyone covered. Each tent has a large grill and all the basic cooking necessities for whipping up that perfect camping meal. But if after a day at the pool, you're not feeling excited about meal prep, don’t worry; Huttopia offers freshly made meals your family will love. Burgers and brick fire pizzas are often available, and since Huttopia is owned by a French family, crepes are always on the menu.

Breakfast is also oh-so-French, with fresh squeezed OJ, espresso drinks, and assorted bread and jams complimentary for every family. It might not be the hefty camping breakfast that many are used to, but no one in my crew was complaining about chocolate croissants and lattes first thing in the morning!

In addition to breakfast and dinner, there is a coffee cart available to guests throughout the day—hello, midday iced Americanos! Truly, coffee on demand is a huge perk for this mom of an infant.

Huttopia Paradise Springs: Discover the Best New Glamping near Los Angeles: Giant Pinecones

The forest gives up a few treasures.

In Short, Huttopia Is Glamping at Its Finest

Glamping is having a moment right now. One of the side effects of the pandemic is itchy feet; that said we all want to stay safe and are more aware of our personal space when we are vacationing. While we treasure the established SoCal glamping staples like El Capitan, I'm thrilled to discover new, unique vacation spots that also afford us a little more personal space. It’s important to note that Huttopia had begun the work of reviving Paradise Springs before anyone knew what Covid-19 was, and this new location was years in the making. The site has been intricately planned, and it shows. Let’s just say, it’s worth the drive through a post-apocalyptic world to arrive at this unique little piece of heaven where you’re sure to make memories your family will cherish forever.

Huttopia Paradise Springs: Discover the Best New Glamping near Los Angeles: explore nature

Exploring nature is part of the adventure.

Add More Glam To Your Camp With These Tips:

  • Part of what makes this place so wonderful is that it’s remote and off the grid, and you can escape it all ... including internet and cell phone access! The game room does have wi-fi you can access, but that’s it. We loved getting away from the tech, but wish we had known we would be out of service and could have planned accordingly for business and family back home.
  • BYOB & BYOBT: Bottles and beach towels, baby. If you want libations, bring them—they are allowed but not sold here. Same for pool towels. While you do get some nice white towels for bathing, it’s always good to have a set designated for pool time.
  • If you have kids, I highly recommend reserving a tent with a bathroom inside. It’s a little stroll between the wash house and some of the tents, which could get tricky with littles, especially at night. 
  • It gets very dark—pack a couple of extra flashlights.
  • Each tent is equipped with a giant YETI cooler and you have access to unlimited ice blocks. This makes it easy to stop at a grocery store in Lancaster on the way, then plop your refrigerated items into the cooler.
  • A French breakfast is served, but it’s light by American standards, so go ahead and pack some yogurt cups and some eggs. You will need to pack lunch food, and dinner is optional. You can buy on site or cook up a storm.
  • Beyond food and flashlights, remember to pack outdoor basics like bug spray, sunblock, and swimsuits.

Huttopia Paradise Springs is a beautiful 90-minute drive from Los Angeles into the Angeles National Forest. Looking for more SoCal weekend getaway ideas? We've got 'em!

All photos by the author

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