Best People To Follow on Twitter for NYC Kids Activities

Twitter has become a great resource for finding cool things to do with kids in New York City. Pretty much all of the institutions are on there, letting us know about their events, plus there's lots of parents and bloggers sharing tips too. I've been scouring the NYC Kid event tweets for great tips to share and "re-tweeting" them, so if you are following me [@mommypoppins] you can always find out the latest.

But if you want to get all the tweets right from the souce, here's my list of the Top Ten people to follow on twitter for NYC kids Events, Activities and News:

@NewYorkology - Not kid-focused, but great tips on NYC cultural news

@CityRoom - NY Times City Room Blog news

@NYCityMama - Shares her adventures and activity ideas.

@nycdailydeals - name says it all

@atAMNH - what's happening at the museum. plus some cool facts

@offManhattan - Not Kid-Focused, but great tips on lesser-known events

@nycschoolhelp - Public School news

@TimeOutKids - Daily activity pick and blog updates

@achildgrows - insider tips for kids in Brooklyn

@mymomshops - Shopping tips

@KidBuzzNY - Our NYC kid twitter community

Sunflower Picking at Happy Day Farm
Happy Day Farm - 8:00 AM Pick
Jenkinson's Amusement Park Reopens
Jenkinson's Amusement Park - 12:00 PM Pick
Bring Your Own Kayak
Peace Valley Nature Center - 7:30 PM Pick
Harry Potter at Home
- various times Pick
Turtle Back Zoo Re-Opening
Turtle Back Zoo - various times Pick
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