Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Underwater Parks, Mobile Museums, and Kamala Harris

Visit the underworld in an underwater park. Photo via Bigstock
Things To Do for Los Angeles Families

Enjoy yourself this weekend. Enjoy yourself while you can. Eat, drink, and be merry, for next week, things change. Be prepared for the unusual, the unexpected, and, there's no way to sugarcoat this: be prepared for the wet. There's rain in the forecast, and we may temporarily lose visual contact with our favored hot ball o'gas. (Alternative orbs may be available.)

Of course we won't be totally underwater. At least I don't think we will. If you are concerned you can practice for such an eventuality at one of the several Underwater Parks events going on this weekend. Get your feet wet, so to speak. Regardless, get out before the precipitation starts, because as those of you who paid attention in storytime know, it's 100% possible to melt when exposed to water.

On a more serious note, next week also presents a challenge of a different kind for some of our families. As of this writing, a strike by LAUSD teachers is likely. Many parents will opt to keep their children home during this time, either in support of the teachers or out of concern for the uncertain conditions in the schools; we've written about some options available for kids out of school during the strike, and our calendar always lists weekday activities for all ages.

Keep reading for our best picks for the weekend, whatever challenges you may be facing...