NEW Babylist Flagship Showroom Opens in Beverly Hills

Place a car seat in a life-size vehicle at the Babylist Store.
Place a car seat in a life-size vehicle at the Babylist Store.
8/25/23 - By Gina Ragland

Oh, baby! The new Babylist Flagship Showroom in Beverly Hills is more than just a quick trip to grab last-minute items from your ever-growing list before baby arrives. The showroom is an immersive experience to share with spouses, future grandparents, cool aunts, and friends.  

Just like bringing a bridal party along to say yes to the wedding dress, the Babylist showroom is an interactive outing. It aims for expectant parents to personally see, feel, and test out items for their soon-to-arrive cherub as they build their baby registry (on Babylist, of course). Read on to learn what to expect, what you can play with, and if you should bring your kids with you to the Babylist showroom...

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The Babylist Showroom Experience

Babylist showroom in Beverly Hills: see and test baby products in a dining room
See and test baby products in actual home settings. 

Baby products are on display in real-life scenarios under chandeliers made out of baby bottles, and set up in typical rooms found in a house. These include infant bathtubs in a bathroom, cribs, rugs, and play mats in nurseries, and high chairs attached to an actual dining table. 

I recently visited the Babylist showroom in Beverly Hills and was blown away by the thought-out details and 18,000-square-foot bi-level showroom experiences. Some stand-out experiences are being able to put a car seat in a life-size vehicle, pushing a stroller on different surfaces, trying out baby carriers with Cabbage Patch dolls, and seeing multiple baby monitors operate simultaneously on the "puppy cam." 

Shopping for a baby registry is all fun and games at the Babylist showroom. There are interactive games throughout, like “Guess The Price” on popular baby products, and a carnival claw, of which I won an adorable orange frog for my son.

Plenty of photo opportunities create shareable moments. There's a specific spot for big news like a pregnancy or adoption announcement. You can even snap a photo of yourself in an adult-sized baby bouncer. 

Bringing Babies & Toddlers to Babylist

Babylist Showroom in Beverly Hills: Kids' Play Area
Little ones can tag along and will love the kids' play area. 

If you already have babies or toddlers that have to tag along to the Babylist showroom with you, there are enticing things for them too. I had to drag my one-year-old away, crying and screaming, from a play kitchen in an adorable kids' area with comfy cushions, large LEGO bricks, and a reading nook. An artistic LA drawing adorns the walls like graffiti, which kiddos can color in with markers. 

There's an elevator to the second floor, which is helpful if you have a stroller, as well as a ramp leading to the storefront. The bathroom includes a changing table, and there's a second changing table in a private nursing room. 

Know Before You Go

Babylist showroom in Beverly Hills: photo ops for pregnancy announcements
Photo ops for the big pregnancy announcement at Babylist! 

Gone are the days of reading hundreds of Amazon reviews or watching endless YouTube tutorials on baby product comparisons. The Babylist showroom in Beverly Hills provides ample opportunities to experiment with baby items. It makes what can be an overwhelming experience enjoyable to welcome the newest family member with ease and convenience. 

For those who might not be expecting themselves but are looking for an adorable baby gift for someone else, there's a curated shop full of unique baby gifts. The Babylist Showroom is open daily from 11am to 7pm. 

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