Munchkins Indoor Playground is a Bright Spot for Kids in Los Angeles

Munchkins Indoor Playground is balls of fun!
Munchkins Indoor Playground is balls of fun!
3/30/23 - By Kylie Williams

Munchkins Indoor Playground in North Hollywood is the perfect solution for when you're about to give birth to a baby but also have young kids to entertain—and a special occasion to celebrate.  Let me set the tone: It was raining. It was my daughter's second birthday. It was the due date of my fourth baby. Maybe it's crazy to head to a play space when you are worried your water could break, but it was a birthday. And it turned out to be the perfect thing to do.

Read on to find out why Munchkins is a great place to play indoors, no matter why you need a distraction for your kids! And if you're looking for more indoor entertainment, visit the best indoor playgrounds in LA and browse even more ideas in our Indoor Fun and Playspaces Guide for LA Kids


Munchkins Indoor Playground Meets My Play Space Requirements

I had a few major stipulations to our adventure. One, the play space had to be clean. I’m talking, lick the floor clean. We could not come home with germs with a new baby arriving any day. Second, I would not be climbing up any play structures to rescue a toddler in distress. My plan was to sit at a table with my head on a swivel. 

​Third, this spot had to be worth our time. These were our last hours as a family of five. I didn't want to waste them at a play space where my kids came to me minutes after arriving, bored and antsy, asking to go somewhere else. Munchkins Indoor Playground in North Hollywood met all of our criteria and then some. 

The little ones will be entertained for hours! 

Munchkins Indoor Playground is Clean and Pristine 

The Munchkins team regularly sanitizes, vacuums, and tidies the space to prevent germs from spreading. I wasn’t even concerned about the two giant ball pits as the staff was well aware of any messes, and eager to keep the space sanitary. Not only is the pastel-colored space immaculate, but it’s also adorable. The Russian-style structures look like something out of “It’s a Small World” at Disneyland, and the aesthetic is both Instagram-worthy and eye-pleasing for littles. 

Accessible Play Equipment for Tiny Toddlers

All the ladders, climbing spaces, slides, and tunnels are easy to scale, even for the littlest legs. My two-year-old loved exercising independence by climbing to the top of a play structure, rocketing down a pink spinny slide, and crashing into a ball pit. She wiggled up to a trampoline and bounced to her heart’s content. She rolled and rollicked in the large ball pits, tossing the pink and white spheres in the air, squealing and giggling. She repeatedly hopped on the slowly moving carousel, waving as she spun into my eyesight. 

​I never once had to climb up after her because she was stuck on a too-big step or precarious ledge. The play equipment here is toddler-friendly while still providing entertainment for older children. When tired of climbing, we moved to the tiny town with a grocery store, veterinarian clinic, and fire station. Kids can play pretend for hours and hop in a Cozy Coupe to drive from one mini establishment to the next. 

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Munchkins Indoor Playspace
Pretend play and climbing structures? Check and check. 

A Relaxing Space for Parents to Chill

​Munchkins has two main play areas, with a space across the center of the room for parents. While kids run and play, parents can set up shop at a table with the perfect vantage point. Bring a laptop, connect to the free Wi-Fi, maybe grab a Diet Coke from the concession counter, and get some work (or binge-watching) done without neglecting the littles. I, for one, appreciated a few moments to take some deep breaths and catch up on my Instagram feed. 

​Speaking of chill, if you have a birthday party coming up and aren't into the stress of ordering decorations, finding ways to entertain dozens of kids, and prepping a meal, Munchkins also offers indoor party packages which include pizza, two hours of play, socks for everyone, and more. 

Something for the Big Kids Too

​This outing was for my two-year-old birthday girl, but big brothers (ages three and six) joined us. While they enjoyed the play structures, the virtual reality games projected on a wall by the ball pit were what they loved the most. The virtual reality games involved tossing the little plastic orbs at targets on the wall. Nothing like a little target practice to entertain boys for hours. 

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Munchkins Indoor Playground 
Kids of all ages will love it here. Photo courtesy of Munchkins Indoor Playground

The Munchkins Indoor Playground Details

Munchkins has a variety of pre-packaged snacks, sodas, water, and Dippin' Dots available for purchase if you're hankering for a snack (or if your kids are). Parents are welcome to bring in food or drinks as long as they only remain in the parent area. 

Parents must sign an online waiver before kids can enter the play space. There is no time limit for play, and two adults can get in for free per child. 
The bathroom is very kid-friendly, with changing tables and kiddie-toilet seats. There is also plenty of room for a stroller in the parent area, which is helpful if you have a tiny one in tow. 

All in all, Munchkins Indoor Playground is a delightful way to spend an afternoon with your kiddos, and the staff is kind and courteous. I would highly recommend this fun and fantastic Los Angeles indoor play space.


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