Great Language Immersion and Bilingual Preschools in Los Angeles: Make Your Tot a Polyglot

Kids can garden and play while learning a new language (or two!) Photo courtesy of Ecole Claire Fontaine
Kids can garden and play while learning a new language (or two!) Photo courtesy of Ecole Claire Fontaine
9/19/22 - By Audrey M

We've all heard that children have a much easier time learning a second language than adults, and immersion preschools and bilingual preschools in Los Angeles are a perfect place to start. Kids have a knack for picking things up quickly, and those little brains absorb a second language like a sponge. In some families, bilingual immersion comes easy. Parents or grandparents may speak to their kids in Spanish, German, Mandarin, or another language, and kids also hear a healthy dose of English outside the home. In these cases, a bilingual or immersion preschool reinforces the concepts taught by caretakers. 

However, if your family only speaks one language, a bilingual school or immersion school may be the only way to give your child the gift of a second language. These unique preschools infuse bilingual communication with the cultures and educational philosophies of other countries to give your kids a truly unique, diverse, and well-rounded experience. Immersion preschools can also help to prepare a child to attend one of LA's bilingual elementary schools. For more information on schools and preschools in Los Angeles, visit our Los Angeles Preschools, Public Schools, and Private Schools Guide.


While some preschools may offer an extra class in a language (often after the normal day), immersion schools use the language for part or all of the day, presenting the language in a natural manner and using it for the curriculum. The earlier children begin learning a language, the more likely they are to think naturally in that language, which is the ultimate goal of any language program.

Preschools in Los Angeles Offering Spanish Immersion

The Language Grove Community Preschool  North Hills

The Language Grove is a Spanish immersion, eco-friendly preschool and toddler center nestled in North Hills. This progressive preschool offers children a unique and exciting childhood adventure, with a focus on caring about the planet, nature, play, and relationships.

Spanish Steps for Kids — Santa Monica

Spanish Steps for Kids is an immersion program facilitated by LA Spanish School and held at Santa Monica’s Euclid Park. Potty-trained children ages 3-5 can attend for up to five days per week, from 9am-1pm. Through a variety of games and daily activities, the program encourages imagination, self-confidence, the development of motor skills, socialization, separation adjustment, and the natural acquisition of the Spanish language. Caregivers are asked to occasionally volunteer in the classroom.

Bubbles n Colors — Westwood

Bubbles n Colors offers a non-competitive Spanish immersion environment where children gain confidence and develop a love of learning. At this small home-based preschool music, art, dance, and storytime, (as well as plenty of free play) fill the children's days. Yoga is offered two days per week. Half- and whole-day options are available. Snacks and lunch are all homemade.

Preschools in LA Offering Spanish, Mandarin, French, and Russian

WorldSpeak — Westwood

WorldSpeak has been operating a preschool since 2000, and its individualized language plan offers children the option of learning up to three languages. Other options include half or full days, 2-, 3-, or 5-day weeks, and an extended day available until 5:30pm. All teachers are native speakers. For those who wish to continue beyond preschool, WorldSpeak also runs an elementary school for grades TK-5 that offers an accelerated math program supported by UCLA’s Department of Mathematics.

Preschools in Los Angeles Offering Spanish and Mandarin

MandarinArts Playground — Encino

2- to 5-year-old kids can experience three languages in the MandarinArts Playground program. Classes are taught in Spanish and Mandarin with just a little bit of English. There are two half-day program options: Tuesday & Thursday or Monday, Wednesday, & Friday from 8:30am - noon. 

 Language Immersion and Bilingual Preschools: Hihao Chinese Preschool

Here kids learn Mandarin, Spanish, and English. Photo courtesy Nihao Chinese Preschool Program

Nihao Chinese Preschool Program — Redondo Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, Torrance, Costa Mesa

Nihao's Chinese Preschool Program is a trilingual immersion program, with classes held in Mandarin plus 30-45 minutes of exposure to Spanish each day. The school has grown from a single location to an organization that teaches over 2000 students.

Culver City Montessori — Culver City

Culver City Montessori offers a trilingual immersion program in Spanish and Mandarin. Classes are taught in the target language in the morning, and then in English in the afternoon. Art, dance, music, and field trips are also taught as part of the traditional Montessori curriculum. All programs are 5 days per week, with extended-day, full-day, or half-day options. Choosing two languages is also an option, as is an English-only program.

Preschools in Los Angeles Offering Mandarin

Mandarin Tree Academy — Manhattan Beach

Founded by a pair of Los Angeles-area working professionals, Mandarin Tree Academy's philosophy is that children don't "learn" a language through lessons and drills. Instead, by being surrounded by the language in a learning environment, they "acquire" it. The very small class sizes are limited to 12 students to ensure a 6:1 student-to-teacher ratio. The classes are available for 2- to 6-year-olds and run from 7:30am - 6:30pm. 

LePort Montessori — Irvine

Orange County's LePort Montessori offers the benefits of the Montessori school approach to learning combined with Mandarin immersion daycare and preschool programs. The hours are from 7am to 6pm with a 3pm pick-up option, and after-school programs include dance, music, kung-fu, and soccer. The school accepts children from 3 months to 6 years and has year-round enrollment. (Yes, this school is in Orange County, but it's got such amazing hours and options for working parents that we had to include it. We've also got a full list of more great immersion and bilingual preschools in Orange County.)

Preschools in Los Angeles Offering French

Alouette — West LA

Alouette is a bilingual French and English preschool for 3- to 5-year olds. With a teacher-to-student ratio as low as 1:4, kids get plenty of personal attention. The school has a nature garden and special focus is paid to the natural world with a fantastic outdoor exploration area. Topics like language and math are studied twice weekly, once in English and once in French. A typical full day runs from 8:30am - 3pm with an optional after-school program running until 5:30pm.

International School of Los Angeles — Los Feliz, Pasadena, and Tarzana

The International School of Los Angeles offers preschool through 12th grade (three campuses offer preschool - 5th grade; Burbank offers middle and high school only). Preschool is a full French immersion program, and the school prefers that students begin the program in preschool for the best transition. High schoolers choose between a program that culminates in the International Baccalaureate Diploma or one that leads to the French baccalauréat exam. It seems so far away when looking at preschools, but if these exams are important to you, now is the time to look at your options!

 Language Immersion and Bilingual Preschools: Ecole Claire Fontaine 

Music, dance, and art take center stage along with languages. Photo courtesy of Ecole Claire Fontaine

Preschools in Los Angeles Offering Spanish and French

Ecole Claire Fontaine — Venice

Claire Fontaine offers a trilingual immersion preschool and kindergarten for ages 2–7. All teachers speak French, English, and Spanish throughout the day. Music, dance, and art are all integral parts of the day. Hot lunch is prepared in-house with fresh organic ingredients. Full-day and half-day classes are available.

Language Garden Preschool — Mid City

Language Garden is a developmental preschool offering full immersion in Spanish or French—or both! A guided daily activity (new each day) provides exposure to new experiences. Full- and half-day programs are available starting at age two. If you want your child to be exposed to both Spanish and French, enroll in one language Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and the other Tuesday and Thursday. See the website to register for an upcoming tour.

Preschools in Los Angeles Offering Spanish and German

Kigala Preschool — Santa Monica

Kigala offers 2- to 6-year-olds half, full, and extended day options for 2-5 days per week. Parents are encouraged to choose either German or Spanish, and all morning programs are in that language. For full-day students, the afternoon brings the classes together for the English program—but German and Spanish are spoken by the respective teachers. Attending only the afternoon program is also an option. One thing I love about Kigala is the emphasis on outdoors play. Much learning takes place in the outdoor classroom, where teachers utilize nature to enforce concepts and grow little minds. 

  Language Immersion and Bilingual Preschools: Tivoli Rainbow Garden
Kids learn through gardening, cooking, yoga, and more. Photo courtesy Tivoli Rainbow Garden 

Preschools in Los Angeles Offering German

Tivoli Rainbow Garden — Culver City

This home-based preschool offers three German days and two English days each week. Gardening, yoga, cooking, music, art, and seasonal festivals are all part of the play-based program. Teachers use an outdoor-based Waldorf curriculum. Half-day and full-day options are available, and children may attend two, three, or five days per week.

Santa Monica German School — Santa Monica

The Santa Monica German School has a "Kindergarten" program at Redeemer Christian Academy that's for 4- to 5-year-olds, so it's really more for the pre-K set. This course gives children an introduction to the German language and culture, preparing students for future immersion classes. 

Preschools in Los Angeles Offering Hebrew

International Children's Academy Primary Years Program  Pico Robertson

The early childhood programs at the International Children's Academy use an International Baccalaureate (IB) program that includes learning Hebrew as a second language. The primary years program (PYP) starts in Pre-K at three years old. Class ratios are typically 12:1. 

Aaron Milken Center at Wise School  West LA

The Wise School is located near the Sepulveda Pass, just a short drive from the Skirball Center and American Jewish University. The Hebrew Immersion preschool program for children 2- to 5 years old boasts small class sizes and student-teacher ratios. The school has flexible hours and offers financial aid.

This article was originally published June 23, 2013

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