Fun Family Day Trip to Cherry Crest Adventure Farm: A Parent's Review

9/21/15 - By Maureen Rayburn

For most people, spending a day at the farm evokes images of milking cows, harvesting corn, or shearing sheep. At Cherry Crest Adventure Farm in Lancaster County, the day involves food, laughter, games, a corn maze, and pig races, as well as an educational experience on a working farm. Plus, there’s even a good chance visitors can get a glimpse of a passing train from the Strasburg Railroad. Kids and grown-ups alike can find an unending amount of fun during the summer, spring, and fall seasons, making Cherry Crest Adventure Farm worth the drive for Philly area families. Find out why!


I recently brought my daughters to Cherry Crest, in the hopes that there would be plenty of activities for younger children. We were definitely not disappointed. From the moment we walked through the gates, we knew we could never enjoy all that it has to offer in a single day. Families with older children might have an easier time navigating all of the activities, but little ones are likely to get tired before seeing it all.

First, the kids spent a long time playing on the Hay Chute Slide. (Dad liked it, too!) The main event for my young children was the Barnyard Jump, Jr. There are two Barnyard Jumps—one for the little guys and one for the older kids—so there’s no need to worry about tweens and toddlers trying to share the same equipment.

The Wagon Express was next on the agenda, and it was a perfect activity for preschoolers and toddlers. Older children might enjoy the Pedal Karts or the educational Farm Tour Wagon Ride more than the little tractor pull, especially if they’re interested in how the farm operates. Who knew how much water a cow really drinks?

One of the most unique attractions at Cherry Crest is the pig race. The staff puts on a humorous, family-friendly show several times per day, and part of the act includes racing pigs. It’s amazing how fast these little guys can run, and the children absolutely love the surprise during the last lap. This was another highlight of the trip.

Even the tiniest farmers have plenty to do in the Lil’ Farmers Playland. There are rubber duck races, water painting, sandboxes, and more. There’s also plenty of open space to just let them run and enjoy the day. Insider tip: Bring a wagon or a stroller if the kids are very young. There’s a lot of ground to cover, and their little legs are likely to wear out before the day is over.

Our last stop was the Amazing Maize Maze. It took about an hour or so to travel the entire maze, but the interesting part was that visitors have an opportunity to choose the difficulty level by following colored markers. As a family with very young children, we went for the easy route, but tweens and teens would be best with the intermediate or challenging routes.  In retrospect, it may have been better to complete the maze at the beginning of our visit, rather than the end, because the children were definitely tired.

We did our best to bypass the delicious kettle corn, slushies, and other tasty treats in an effort to keep the kids focused, but we were unsuccessful! Cherry Crest has plenty of food vendors that provide snacks, meals, and everything in between. Insider tip: Families on a budget are welcome to bring a picnic lunch to enjoy at one of the many tables inside the farm.

There are many other attractions that our family didn’t have time to see, such as the petting zoo, chick hatchery, and giant slingshot, but there’s no doubt we’ll be back again. Families will undoubtedly get a full day of play and farm fun out of every visit.

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