Daniel Tiger Is In the Neighborhood at the Please Touch Museum

Visit Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood at Philly's Please Touch Museum

The Please Touch Museum has opened a brand new Grr-ific exhibit for fans of the PBS Kids show Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. This adorable exhibit features life lessons straight from the show as well as all the hands-on fun that's typical of Please Touch.

There's a magical feeling when you step into the Daniel Tiger exhibit. It was quite a sight to watch each kid's face light up with excitement as they walked in the room. With miniature houses, a clock factory, a post office, and more, this little exhibit does not disappoint. 

This exhibit is definitely best for kids 4 and under who are fans of the PBS show. It's quite a small room, so don't expect too much. That said, my kid would have easily spent an hour or more in just that room if I'd let him. It also does not cost extra to visit this exhibit, so you can explore the whole museum while you're there. However, I imagine this room can be quite chaotic on a crowded and busy day, so I would highly recommend, if possible, going on a weekday.

 Dress up as a doctor, a firefighter, a ballerina, or a superhero in front of the magical light-up mirror.

There are a lot of great learning opportunities and places to play. My favorite area was the dress-up corner with a mirror that magically lights up when you step in front of it. Kids can dress in doctor's coats, firefighter jackets, tutus, and more. They even have little wooden masks of each of the Daniel Tiger characters to hold up for photo opportunities. My son's favorite place to play was a small rug with wooden pieces of the town where kids can build and use their imagination. There's also a pint-size trolley nearby for photo opportunities.

 Don't forget to take a photo in the mini trolley!

Almost every area of the town is accounted for, including Daniel's house. Kids can visit the clock factory where they can move wooden cogs and spin the gears around, or build their own wooden clocks just like Dad Tiger. You can also visit the post office and sort the mail into different bins or go to the music store and create sounds with some unique instruments made out of keys, bells, and other interesting things. There's even a reading nook with a bookshelf full of Daniel Tiger books.

 Delivering the mail at the post office is a fun and educational matching activity.

Parents can find a bit of nostalgia seeing one of Fred Rogers's very own sweaters and a pair of his sneakers.

 Check out Mr. Rogers's actual sweater and sneakers.

What you need to know:

  • Parking in the lot does cost extra, but if you visit on a weekday, you might find street parking out front.
  • The museum can get quite crowded on weekends and the exhibit is in a fairly small room. I recommend going on a weekday.
  • Admission to the exhibit is included in general admission, so plan to spend time exploring the rest of the museum as well.
  • Meet and greets with Daniel don't happen every day (my son was a little disappointed that he wasn't actually there). Check the calendar online to see if Daniel will be there when you plan to visit.

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is located at the Please Touch Museum and runs through January 15, 2018.

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