New food store for kids very well located

1/8/07 - By Anna Fader

kidfresh is a new store on the Upper East Side that allows you to prepare healthy, organic, kid-friendly meals for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. Meals come in fun, beautifully designed tote-boxes and contain things like Teddy Bear Sandwich with Cream Cheese + Broccoli Trees w/Tomato Dip + Fresh Fruit Salad + Water in a lunchbox, or Organic Cheese Pop Sticks with Baked Animal Crackers + Chewy Raspberry Snack + Fruit Punch for a snack. Kids can put their meals together at the kid bar or you can order a whole week's worth to be delivered to your home. I think this is a great service and will really take off because it allows you to feel like the perfect parent (cool, healthy, artsy, organic, fun, whimsical, compulsively in control and rich) without making any effort whatsoever. It's just what every UES parent wants. (thanks, Lauren.)