How to make butter, a port-o-potty, or a toddler brush her teeth

Just cause the last time you sat down to read a newspaper was when "pooped out" still meant tired to you doesn't mean you can't stay up to date with what's going on. We've rounded up the top stories you don't want to miss from the NYC media this week.

Lots of advice and tips this week including how to get your toddler to brush her teeth, where to see real waterfalls in Manhattan and more.

Adoptive families has a wonderful collection of essays written by adoptive parents addressing the many painful and difficult questions and comments adoptive parents frequently face. Find some strength and ammunition from these smart and tough parents.

Baby Borrowers which premiered on Wed. June 25th, its the show where teenagers test drive parenthood with real live babies. 

Food Files.  Gothamist updates us on the future of Florent which had its last day on Sunday and its not as bad as it could be,  and the NY Times reports on the challenges of summertime nutrition with all that awful camp food.

Meanwhile, Ohdeedoh has a fun activity for a summer day: Make butter. Turns out it's super easy. All you need is some heavy cream , a jar, and kids to shake it. Sounds like a great way to burn off some steam when trapped indside on a rainy day.

Parent Hacks has been collecting camping tips. Our favorite: how to make a port-a-potty for camping trips.

Brushing.  Thank you to A Child Grows in Brooklyn for compiling this list of suggestions for getting kids to brush their teeth.
New Blog: Ephemeral New York writes about he litle-knwn corners of the city. A recent post tells you where to see real waterfalls in Manhattan, assuming you don't win our New York Waterfalls giveaway.
Car-free streets are contagious. You've already heard that Park Avenue is going to be closed in Manhattan three Saturday mornings this summer. Streetsblog reports now Williamsburg is getting in on it by closing Bedford Avenue. And Brooklyn Heights is thinking about it too. Wonderful! I hope everyone will take advantage of this program. It would be great to if it became permanent.