Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Puppet Festival, Poppy Festival, Fiesta Broadway

Kiss a pig at America's Family Pet Expo. Photo by Keren Lynn Photography
Things to do and activities for Los Angeles families

This weekend is about celebrating something; I'm just not sure what it is. Is your STEAM throwback or cutting edge? Are you hanging by a string or got no strings on you? That mother you keep talking about—is it Mother Earth or a mother-to-be?

As you take to the streets, are you exploring your hometown? Are you donning a cape to save the day? Or are you just running in circles diamonds?

Look at you all in orange! Are you done up for the Dutch King's birthday, or are you a field of poppies? Is it Cinco de Mayo, or New Year's, or have I just lost count? Despite the confusion, it's actually easy as pie: it's all of that and more!

Keep reading for our completely not confusing selection of picks for this weekend....