Teen Boredom Busted with TeenTix's $5 Tickets

Kids can get $5 tickets to amazing shows and museums around town with the TeenTix pass, free for teens in LA!
Kids can get $5 tickets to amazing shows and museums around town with the TeenTix pass, free for teens in LA!
6/23/24 - By Cyrus Rose

TeenTix LA is the best arts access program you’ve never heard of. Tickets to plays, Broadway musicals, comedy shows, museums, and more… all for only five dollars a ticket for kids ages 13 to 19.

No longer will your teens lounge around the house playing Xbox; instead, they’ll be laughing their pants off in the front row of a theater or feeling connected to a deeply personal show. If you relish watching shows with your kids, you’ll be thrilled to know that every TeenTix LA arts partner has to designate one day a week that is a 2-for-$10 deal, so you can go, too. Because nothing says “I’m a cool teen” like a night out on the town with your mom!

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What is TeenTix LA?

TeenTix is a non-profit organization dedicated to making the arts accessible and affordable to Los Angeles teenagers. Tickets are only five dollars! Anyone ages 13-19 can sign up for a free pass,  which is good for $5 shows and exhibitions all over LA.

TeenTix started in 2004 in Seattle, and the LA branch officially began in 2021. Not only does TeenTix LA have access to so many cultural experiences, but the TeenTix LA Blog has insightful interviews with the arts partners, articles written for and by teenagers, and a weekly newsletter promoting shows. You're not recommending these shows, other (cooler) teens are!

Where the wild things are exhibit at the Skriball museum.

See art and culture exhibits at museums like the Skirball. Photo courtesy of the Skirball Cultural Center

How do I sign my kid up for TeenTix LA?

The TeenTix LA website has a simple process for signing up: just have your teenager fill out an online form with their name, email, school, and address, and they’ll receive a digital pass that can be used at the box office of any TeenTix show to get those sweet five dollar tickets.

If your teen can’t be bothered to fill out their own application (even though it only takes two minutes), parents can fill out an application for their kid, and save the pass to their phone. If the digital world isn’t for you, your kid can also request a physical pass. And the best part? It is completely, 100% free to sign up for a TeenTix Pass.

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A Noise Within's Production of Sweeny Todd; one of many shows TeenTix LA offers $5 tickets to.

See shows like Sweeny Todd for $5! Photo by Craig Schwartz for A Noise Within

How do I get TeenTix LA tickets?

With a neatly organized calendar chock-full of fun plays, museum experiences, musicals, and more, it couldn’t be easier to find a fun TeenTix LA event. The calendar lists the various shows available every day on the calendar, along with the events’ times and locations. As for actually using the TeenTix Pass, you (or your kid) can call the arts partner and place an order over the phone, purchase tickets on the arts partner’s website using a special TeenTix discount code, or just double-check that tickets are available and drive up, day-of, and get your tickets by showing them your pass.

Most arts partners are near bus stops and can be accessed through public transportation. No late-night drives for parents!

What shows and events does TeenTix LA have?

There are over 40 arts and community partners across LA, from the Pasadena Playhouse to the Autry Museum and Skirball Museum, and there are daily opportunities for a kid to use their pass to see a show, exhibit, or attend an event.

The other cool thing is that the arts partners are always thrilled to see teens using their passes. We've been to a lot of shows and museums, and the staff at every single location have been incredibly helpful about getting tickets, securing the 2 for $10 tickets, and giving tips about the shows and parking. The venues have joined the program to encourage more teens to participate in the arts, and are eager to help.

TeenTix LA has loads of options when it comes to types of arts: Broadway musicals, modern plays, Shakespeare, opera, comedies, one-person shows, museums, and teen-exclusive events with community partners. TeenTix LA is also dedicated to amplifying marginalized voices, intentionally partnering with diverse theater programs and offering shows and events from a broad range of artists and perspectives. 

Teenagers and parents can keep up with all the fun events, teen-created content, and more on TeenTix LA social media; there’s a TikTok and Instagram managed by teen interns!