10 Best Centers and Arcades for Virtual Reality in Los Angeles

Ready for battle! Photo courtesy of Battleground VR
Ready for battle! Photo courtesy of Battleground VR
4/22/22 - By Ana Belibasis

If you're intrigued about the high-tech centers and arcades for virtual reality in Los Angeles that are popping up everywhere, but your own video game experience comes from the era of Atari or Nintendo, fear not. These new virtual reality games are really easy to get the hang of. Just put on your headset and jump into a virtual world where anything is possible—you can travel back in time, be an astronaut, or get stranded on a deserted island. These fully immersive centers for virtual reality in Los Angeles offer adventures for all ages and interests and are perfect for family outings, gaming afternoons with friends, and even birthday parties.

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Centers and Arcades for Virtual Reality in Los Angeles: Los Virtuality 
Unleash your inner Rocky or get trapped on a desert island. Photo courtesy of Los Virtuality

1. Los Virtuality — West LA

Minimum age: 6
Number of players: 1-10
This gaming center lets you try as many VR games as you possibly can, with over 60 games to choose from. Spend an hour, two hours, or a full day enjoying virtual worlds that are perfect for kids of every age. Kids as young as six can join in on all the fun by experiencing a day in the workplace in Job Simulator. Unleash the Rocky Balboa in you in Creed. If you and your family are roller coasters enthusiasts, Epic Roller Coaster is the one for you. Ever imagined what you'd do if trapped on a deserted island? You can stop guessing and find out in Survival. Book Los Virtuality for your kids' birthday party for a memorable, one-of-a-kind celebration.

2. Dreamscape Immersive — Century City

Minimum age: 10; kids under 13 must be accompanied by an adult
Number of players: 1-6
Feel like you're living in a Hollywood movie in each of the five Dreamscape Immersive VR Games. Put your astronaut hat on and blast off on a journey lightyears away to visit an alien zoo where you'll see firsthand mysterious alien creatures and their habitats in the experience of a lifetime. Be prepared to use your survival skills as you may encounter some mishaps. Or join a team of divers on a quest into the deep blue seas to help reunite a family of whales. Or, if you love mythical creatures, learn to ride a dragon to help rescue a village from invaders in Dragons Flight Academy.

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Centers and Arcades for Virtual Reality in Los Angeles: VR Place 
With over 150 games, there's something for everyone. Photo courtesy of VR Place

3. VR Place — Redondo Beach

Minimum age: 5
Number of players: 1-10
If you're looking for an epic family experience like exploring a zombie-filled post-apocalyptic world, or perhaps delving into a world where almost no humans are left, then head down to VR Place where it all comes alive. The Brookhaven Experiment and Arizona Sunshine are just a couple of over 150 VR games that you can get to experience during a 60-minutes adventure. The most family-friendly games are Elven Assassin, Baam Squad, and Revolvr 2.0. Personally, I recommend trying the free roam VR arena and playing the Versus game. If your kids are anything like mine, they'll love playing VR laser tag called Tower Tag. For those who really want to augment their reality, try the VR Simulator, which adds movement, g-force, and special effects to the VR experience. For parties, you can also book the VIP karaoke room.

4. Hypergate VR — Santa Monica

Minimum age: 10
Number of players: 2 to 8
Dig into the past and travel to Tikal to find Hudahada, the first priest of the Mayan civilization, whose help you need in Tikal Night of The Blood Moon. Play a crucial role in a major combat operation against zombies who've taken over your city in The Lost City or become a hero by finding the first carrier of a leaked virus after an incident in a secret research laboratory for biological warfare in Patient Zero. Actually, that one just might feel a little too real... You can also book this venue for birthday celebrations.

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Centers and Arcades for Virtual Reality in Los Angeles: VR Hour 
Saving the planet, one adventure at a time. Photo courtesy of VR Hour, Facebook

5. VR Hour — Santa Monica

Minimum age: 8
Number of players: 1 to 6
Your kids will love letting the hero inside of them shine out as they travel back in time and space in Time Travel, where the world's fate lies on their shoulders. Or how about an innocent walk in the park that takes a turn when you cross a portal that leads to a mysterious world? And the little adventurers of the house will have a blast traveling to the North Pole to rescue Santa from a blizzard and be the heroes who save Christmas! VR Hour has 16 VR experiences to choose from. VR Birthday experiences at VR Hour come with a customized birthday poster and the use of an air hockey table.

6. Virtual Room LA — Hollywood

Minimum age: 10
Number of players: 2 to 4
A fusion between escape room concepts and a full 3D cinematic feel, Virtual Room LA creates original VR experiences where each player has their own room, but shares the experience with friends or family. Travel back in time to places like ancient Egypt, to the moon landing, or to combat a plague. (Again, that one might hit a little too close to home!)

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Centers and Arcades for Virtual Reality in Los Angeles: Battleground VR 
Full-body technology makes for multidimensional fun! Photo courtesy of Battleground VR

7. Battleground — Redondo Beach

Minimum age: 7
Number of players:1 to 8
A little competition never hurts. Make it a family affair and find out who's the VR champion in your kingdom! Battleground LA is a giant virtual reality gaming center focused on multiplayer gaming. It uses full-body technology, tracking both your hands and feet while you move freely along the space, enabling you and your family to be fully immersed. Find the way out of a coastal cave in ancient Greece in Medusa's Gate, or play a set of cool mini-games perfect for every age in Polyfun. Bigger kids can test their battle skills in Abstract and Black Out. Surprise any birthday girl or boy with a unique party celebration at Battleground VR.

8. Sandbox VR — Woodland Hills

Minimum age: Even though there's no minimum age, there's a requirement to be able to carry 15 to 20 pounds in gear, so this one is more suitable for older kids.
Number of players: 2 to 6
Do you want to feel what it'd be like to live inside a game or a movie? At Sandbox VR you can make this possible. With 3D precision body trackers and haptic suits, you'll get the illusion of transforming your whole body into a full-range virtual body to explore worlds like Star Trek Discovery, Deadwood Mansion, Amber Sky, UFL, or The Curse of Davy Jones. It's truly the ultimate VR experience! For an out-of-the-box birthday party, you can book this venue to share the VR experience with friends and family.

9. Two Bit Circus — Arts District, DTLA

Minimum age: 8
Number of players: 1 to 6
This is an interactive virtual reality playground and entertainment center for all ages. The VR arena has 3 categories: Mazes, Story Room, and single or multi-player games. Experience riding a flying dinosaur. Roam through the sky, (feeling real air on your face) while enjoying the views in Birdly Jurassic Flight. The simulator will enhance the flying sensation to the max. For Terminator fans, join the resistance team on a mission to infiltrate Skynate's defenses and defeat them on the Termination Salvation VR ride. (I'm really resisting an “I'll be back!” joke right here.) Tilting floors and weather effects are just a few of the FXs in Hyperdeck. Make sure to take advantage of the promotions available for birthday celebrants!

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Centers and Arcades for Virtual Reality in Los Angeles: Anvio 
The ability to roam through the whole space means you can share your adventure with anyone. Photo courtesy of Anvio, Facebook

10. Anvio — Hollywood

Minimum age: 10
Number of players: 1 to 6
Not only are all of your movements at Anvio tracked by state-of-the-art sensors but you can roam freely through the space, which really intensifies the experience. All the games here are designed for multiple players, so you can share any adventure with friends or family. Gather a team and travel through portals to get to an abandoned Aztec city in Los Sanctuary. City Z is a four-part series filled with non-stop battles. Or if you're more into dragons, try domesticating one in Dragon VR, where part of the adventure is riding the dragon and feeling the flapping of its wings. As an added perk, at the end of the session, you get a 10-minute photo session to immortalize your victories.

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