SoCal Moms Toddler Camp: Traveling Playgroup for Parents & Toddlers

Playgroups and Field Trips for Moms, Dads, Toddlers, and Babies

For some moms, the toddler years are a golden era in which every outing is a glorious and gleeful first to be experienced together. For others, the toddler years feel like a string of stressful, overwhelming days in which entertaining an 18-month-old seems sooo much more complicated than it was supposed to be. Either way, SoCalMoms offers a great way to get more enjoyment out of the toddler years. The group's Toddler Camp treks around some of LA's most kid-friendly destinations (like the ones on our 100 Things To Do with Kids Bucket List), making all of the arrangements as a sort of traveling playgroup - with SoCal as the playground. (And read on for the Mommy Poppins discount!)

Toddler Camp is an eight-week adventure in which families explore the Southland together, with destinations that include outdoor adventures like Huntington Gardens, Underwood Farms, and Griffith Park; animal outings like the Moorpark Zoo, Wildlife Learning Center, and Aquarium of the Pacific; and educational venues like the Natural History Museum, Skirball Center, and Zimmer Children's Museum. Sometimes SoCal Moms arranges entertainment via A Faery Hunt, Super Soccer Stars, or Bubblemania, and autumn outings include a visit to a pumpkin patch and apple picking. In short, everything you could possibly want to show your little one in eight weeks is on the itinerary - but you don't have to do the planning.

Toddler Camp is open to moms and dads, of course, but SoCal Moms also recognizes that some dads have schedules that exclude them from the fun - leading the group to add a special Daddy Camp. This playgroup meets once a month instead of once a week and focuses on daddyish activities from sports to drum circles.

SoCal Moms runs six different Toddler Camp groups around the Southland, and weekly agendas are only set once a final number of attendees is confirmed for each neighborhood. The Fall 2013 session begins on September 16 and costs $169 for eight weeks (plus an extra fee if booking online via credit card); Mommy Poppins readers get a 10% discount off this price - use the code "mommypoppins" at checkout online or simply mention it if paying by check.