Inflatable Water Parks in New Jersey

The Totally Tubular Aqua Park offers 8,500 square feet of wet-and-wild fun in Ocean City. Photo courtesy of Totally Tubular
The Totally Tubular Aqua Park offers 8,500 square feet of wet-and-wild fun in Ocean City. Photo courtesy of Totally Tubular

Inflatable water parks with floating obstacle courses are the latest summertime craze, popping up in lakes and bays in New Jersey. These installations are a mix of obstacle courses and bouncy houses on the water—and they're incredibly fun, especially for older kids.

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Note that some of these inflatable water parks in New Jersey are residents-only or have height requirements in place, so click through to each venue's website for up-to-date regulations before heading out.

Inflatable Water Parks in North Jersey

1. Darlington County Park – Mahwah

The upper lake at Darlington County Park is home to the Splash Zone obstacle course, which houses separate sessions for big kids and adults (for those 48 inches and taller) and little kids (for those 39-48 inches). Life vests must be worn at all times in either zone. Note that the park has a per-person general admission fee for visitors over age 5, and there's an added cost for a 1-hour splash zone session, though there are weekday and in-county resident discounts. If your little one is too small for the splash zone, don't worry! There are sandy beaches, playgrounds, picnic spots, and swimming areas to enjoy.

2. Captain Michael Kilroy Memorial Park – Wayne

This manmade lake has a Wibit floating adventure course with trampoline features and a diving dock. In the park, there's a playground, a splash pad area, and a sandy beach. There are annual memberships and daily rates available (cash only), with discounts for residents. Kids must be at least 42 inches tall to use the Wibit course and everyone must wear a flotation device.

3. Sunrise Lake at Lewis Morris Park – Morris Township

Sunrise Lake offers swimming, boating, a sandy beach, and an inflatable obstacle course. The course is only open to kids who are at least 7 years old and who can pass a swim test. Sessions on the course last 20 minutes and cost $3 on top of the daily beach pass. On select weekday afternoons, you can enjoy a private Wibit rental for up to 20 kids and 20 adults for $275. Be sure to reserve tickets in advance.

Inflatable Water Parks in South Jersey

4. Island Aqua Park – Margate City and Stone Harbor

Aqua Park is big and built for majorly wet fun. Kids ages 6 and up can enjoy the park in Margate City without an adult in the water, though an adult must sign the waiver. Prices are $40 for 1 hour or $55 for 2 hours. A separate location is also open at Stone Harbor with a blob launchpad, slides, a climbing wall, a rope, and more. Expect to pay $40 for 45 minutes there. Island Aqua Park doesn't accept reservations at either location.

5. Lake Barnegat – Lacey Township

Ocean County residents are in luck: Lake Barnegat has a great floating playground, open to county residents only. The cost is $10 per session for Lacey Township residents with beach passes and $18 for non-Lacey Township residents. Note that life jackets are required, and participants must be 7 or older to use the inflatable water park.

6. Totally Tubular Aqua Park – Ocean City

This floating playground offers 8,500 square feet of wild fun, with 20 unique features to explore. Snag a 45-minute time slot ($40/person) for kids ages 6 and up, who will have a blast bouncing and slipping into the water. Life jackets are provided. Buy passes online.

Originally published in 2021.

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