Weekend Fun for LA Kids: JPL, Fun-a-Palooza, Great Big Day of Play, and Pirate Day

Photo courtesy of Ventura Harbor Village

Don't be sad. Yes, the school year is coming to an end. Yes, most kids are either on or about to be on summer break. But that doesn't have to be a bad thing. In fact, it could be quite fun!

There are tons of fun or downright awesome ways you can spend your time this summer. And for proof, you need look no farther than this very weekend in front of us. YOU CAN GO TO SPACE. (Disclaimer:  you cannot actually go into space, at least not this weekend. But you can go to JPL and meet the scientists and engineers and possibly robots who design, engineer and carry out our actual missions to space.)

There's a Fun-a-Palooza, hello? There's a Great Big Day of Play. The people who named these events did not risk being subtle: you're going to have a blast.

There are block parties and street fairs and open houses. Anyone missing school can fake the feeling with lots of reading and there are some kick-offs to get you started.  You can dance like nobody's watchingmake art happen, or maybe even win a Tony. (Disclaimer:  you are probably not winning a Tony, at least not this weekend. But you can watch the Tony Awards with a bunch of other theater fans. Maybe you should rehearse your acceptance speech just in case.)

Keep reading for our suggestions for a totally awesome time this weekend. (Disclaimer: No need for a disclaimer. It's going to be fun!)