Local Treats to Make Westchester Kids Fall in Love with the Easter Bunny

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Sure, you can fill your kids’ Easter baskets with your standard-issue foil-wrapped Cadbury eggs (and, let’s face it, they’ll still love them), but there are some bakeries and sweet shops in Westchester that let you step things up a notch. Here we’ve gathered some of our favorites from the area—all treats that will make your kids fall in love with the Easter Bunny all over again. We suggest picking up extras for the parents … 

Sherry B Dessert Studio – Chappaqua
(914) 238-8300
S’more please! Stuff those Easter baskets with bunny- and egg-shaped s’mores created with store-made vanilla marshmallows and graham crackers, fastened with a layer of chocolate. While you’re there, you can pick up bunny- and chick-shaped vanilla marshmallows or sparkle cookies. Sherry B is also on our list of the best bakeries in Westchester that cater to people with allergies.

Image courtesy of Sherry B Dessert Studio

Divvies – South Salem
(914) 533-0333
Are food allergies a fact of life for your kiddo? Put Brach’s to shame with some of Divvies’ jelly beans, packaged in its peanut-, tree nut-, egg- and dairy-free bakery. Although Divvies doesn't have a traditional storefront, you can pick up its treats in the South Salem location. Can't make it? Divvies delivers! 

Chocolations - Mamaroneck
(914) 777-3600
In addition to some truly massive chocolate bunnies (naturally!) and chocolate-dipped peeps, Chocolations is also packaging peeps with milk and dark chocolate-dipped graham crackers for Easter-themed s’mores kits. 

Image courtesy of Chocolations

Imagine Candy – Scarsdale 
(914) 723-7887 
We’ve written about Imagine Candy in the past, and it’s not hard to imagine (groan) the variety of treats you can choose for Easter. This year they’ll have chocolate bunnies in all sizes, hand-painted chocolate eggs, Belgian chocolate pretzels and chocolate cross boxes filled with M&Ms, among other cavity-inducing goodness. Pressed for time? Imagine Candy has pre-made baskets all ready to go. 

Candy Apple Shoppe – Warwick
(973) 764-4060
OK, yes, you’ll have to cross the bridge to get to this sweet shop in Orange County, but boy is it worth the trip. If you’re not wow-ed by its handmade chocolate Easter eggs filled with jelly beans (see photo at top), there are oodles of bunnies, chocolate-dipped Peeps, candy-covered apples and other drool-worthy treats for the entire family to indulge in. 

Top image credit: Candy Apple Shoppe

Sherry B Dessert Studio
65 King Street
Chappaqua , NY 41° 9' 33.75" N, 73° 46' 19.0956" W
New York
Candy Apple Shoppe
60 Main St
Warwick , NY 39° 25' 0.3684" N, 75° 46' 41.7828" W
New York
607 E Boston Post Rd
Mamaroneck , NY 40° 57' 6.534" N, 73° 43' 39.054" W
New York
Imagine Candy
22 Harwood Court
Scarsdale , NY 40° 59' 22.0344" N, 73° 48' 26.1576" W
New York
700 Oakridge Common
South Salem , NY 41° 12' 49.716" N, 73° 31' 6.1428" W
New York