25 (plus one) Things To Do in Studio City with Kids

1/26/15 - By Jacqueline Stansbury

There truly are hundreds of things to do in the L.A. Basin, and many of our neighborhoods have at least 25 reasons to visit. Studio City, named for the business that makes our locale a world renowned destination, is one of those places. This particular section of the San Fernando Valley, still technically part of the City of Los Angeles, was created by the Central Motion Picture District in 1927 - and has a lot more kid entertainment than you might think. 


The Mack Sennett (of bathing beauty fame) studios opened in 1928 and then gave way to Republic Pictures. In service to the industry, the first traffic signal and first airstrip in the Valley were both built in Studio City. Today, Studio City is a kid and family friendly neighborhood. In five minutes, it is possible to leave the convenience of city life on Ventura Blvd. for rustic pursuits in one of the canyons. How many of our 25+ Studio City ideas have you already done?

1. Picnic at the historic Campo De Cahuenga.
2. Drive the iconic Laurel Canyon, aka “Love Street,” according to Jim Morrison.
3. Dine at Spread PB, unless you have nut allergies.
4. Walk the L.A. River, a bit of nature tucked behind the shopping district.
5. Play with the doggies at Lucky Puppy Rescue and Retail.
6. Hang at the Sunday Farmer’s Market.
7. Work on your strokes at Weddington Golf and Tennis.
8. “Experience” art at Susan Manders classes.
9. The books are the stars at Barnes and Noble with its cool, re-purposed Theater Façade.
10. Stop at CBS Radford. This is the studio in the city.
11. Pop over to the Odd Market for food trucks and mobile boutiques.
12. Eat at Carney’s. The truck that started it all was a train.
13. Hike Fryman Canyon and then…
14. ...make your way over to the Tree People on Coldwater.
15. Meet for a playdate at Woodbridge Park.
16. Hatch some activities at The Coop.
17. Take up a hobby at Kit Kraft.
18. Rock the Spectrum at this unique gym.
19. “With Six, You Get Eggroll” on the Walk of Fame.
20. Climb the structure at Beeman Park.
21. Contemplate the life aquatic at Mark’s Tropical Fish.
22. Check out the library at Moorpark and Whitsett.
23. Shake and groove at the Creation Station.
24. Take a summer time dip in the pool at Sportsman’s Lodge.
25. Crash into ComicSmash for some graphic art.
26. Take ‘em to the intersection of Lankersheim and Ventura Boulevards where the valley made way for cars with its first traffic light. Something to think about.

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Photo credit: Eden, Janine, and Jim via flickr