13 Things Every Hockey Mom Knows about Taking Kids to an LA Kings Game

10/7/15 - By Jennifer Cook Nice

As the weather cools down, the hockey season warms up, and LA is lucky to boast a hockey team well acquainted with the joys of bringing home the Stanley Cup. Los Angeles Kings games are packed with excitement and fast-paced action on the ice—a great event for the whole Angeleno family, as long as you know a few things before you go. Here are some tips every parent should know about taking kids to a Kings game at Staples Center—things to look forward to, and things to prepare for.


1. Kings games are lively and full of movement for fans who appreciate a lot of animation in sports. That said, fights do occasionally break out on the ice, so kids may need a little prep.

2. There's usually some type of fun and silly entertainment between periods, such as fans playing hockey in inflatable sumo outfits or a five minute round of local youth hockey.

3. Bailey the Lion, the team mascot, generally roams the stands keeping things light-hearted for kids.

4. Staples Center offers a great variety of game day food concessions, from CPK to sushi.

5. Games are usually around 2.5 hours long, from 7:30pm to 10pm, but there are occasional afternoon games on weekends. Check the schedule online.

6. The Kings website is also the best source for buying tickets, although occasional discounted tickets come up at Living Social or Goldstar. The Kings sell out every game, though, so buying tickets in advance is a must.

7. Lower level and premier seats are more family-friendly. The upper decks tend to have a rowdier crowd, with use of foul language more prevalent.

8. The stands can get chilly, so bring layers.

9. There's tons of parking around LA Live and Staples Center, including structured lots and independent lots. The closer to Staples Center, the more expensive the prices get, ranging from $10-$25.

10. Concourses are wide and bathrooms are easy access, but if you do not want to wait in line, go before the period finishes.

11. Games are very loud, so consider ear protection for sensitive little ones. The goal horn, the cheering, the music, and the players slamming up against the glass can be startling. In a luxury suite, the noise level is much lower. (Suites also include sinks, couches and a dessert cart that comes by with a decadent array of sweets.) Suites are also stroller friendly, too, while the stands are not.

12. If you want to bring your own snacks, security usually does not make you throw anything out, though beverages from outside are not allowed. Baby bottles are fine.

13. Always allow enough time for game traffic. It's real.

Check out LA Live's website for choices of restaurants nearby; There are plenty of spots from which to choose right across the street from the Staples Center. And during the holiday season, the LA Kings sponsor an outdoor ice rink at LA Live, for keeping the inspiration going before or after the game!

If you're looking to make a whole day out at LA Live, there is the Grammy Museum, Lucky Strike Bowl, and Regal Movie Theaters in the same location. If you're up for a short walk there is a park at 919 S. Grand Ave., as well as plenty of other activities in Downtown Los Angeles.

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