Totally Relatable Moments from 'Little House on the Prairie's' Quarantine Episode

Quarantine is never fun, no matter the era.
Quarantine is never fun, no matter the era.
1/23/21 - By Anna Fader

Sitting here on the 3756th day of March 2020—and the five billionth day of remote learning—it's comforting to know we are not alone. Parents around the country are dealing with the same issues. In fact, after watching the "Quarantine" episode of Little House on the Prairie (season 3, episode 13), I now know that our struggles have been shared, not only across the country but across the centuries. This show gets it spot on. Does homeschooling while baking endless loaves of bread sound familiar? At least, we don't have to wash our laundry in a bucket of boiling water! Check out these relatable moments and funny quarantine memes.


When you realize nobody's leaving the house anytime soon. 

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When you've literally lost count of the days. 

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When all the adults just lose their minds. 

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