Safe, Organized, and Indoor Trick-or-Treat Options for LA Kids on Halloween Night

Malls, Shopping Centers, Museums, and Recreation Centers Celebrating Halloween

We may have grown up cruising the streets unchaperoned eating loosely wrapped candy on Halloween night, but we’d no sooner let our own children do that than bounce around the back of a station wagon without a car seat. And while some of us are fortunate enough to have friendly, festive neighborhoods to walk our Moanas and Elsas through, many parents prefer the safety and self-contained nature of a mall, museum, or other organized trick-or-treat event.

Keep an eye on our events calendar and Halloween Fun Guide for complete listings; some venues hold their Halloween celebrations before Saturday, to maximize the weekend. October 31, of course, is the night for ringing doorbells, but for those who prefer to collect their candy in a confined space, we have more than 20 local options below.

If candy collection isn't your primary goal, what a night to ride LA Live Steamers wonderful Ghost Train, or head down to Mickey's Halloween Party; Disneyland definitely knows how to do Halloween. Wherever you're heading, if you spot a Krispy Kreme en route, we recommend pulling over.

Here’s a list so far of this year's confirmed October 31st indoor and contained trick-or-treat activities by area; we'll keep adding events right up to the last minute:

Baldwin Hills
Buena Park
Canoga Park
Culver City
Huntington Beach
Long Beach
Redondo Beach
Santa Ana
Santa Monica
Silver Lake
Universal City
West Los Angeles


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Originally published October 26, 2011