LI-Based Pint Size Painters Helps Kids Make a Masterpiece

Create your own vision of van Gogh's sunflowers with a kit from Pint Size Painters. Photo by Amanda Moore
Create your own vision of van Gogh's sunflowers with a kit from Pint Size Painters. Photo by Amanda Moore
3/12/19 - By Jaime Sumersille

Submerge your budding Picasso into an artist's world with a kit from Pint Size Painters. The fully equipped immersion kit, invented by a pair of Long Island parents, encourages the learning of art history while inspiring kids to create original artwork.

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The Pint Size Painters' van Gogh kit features the artist's famous straw hat. Photo by Jaime Sumersille

Long Island parents Jason Weber and Kathryn Messina wanted to help kids create original masterpieces while preserving art history and dropping to little kids some art knowledge. While the target demographic is ages 5 and older, wee ones as little as 2 have been taking brush to canvas.

"By allowing children to express themselves in their own unique way and following along our fact sheet with the incorporated talking points, one can really get their little ones to open up," explained Messina, a mom to 15-month-old Vance.

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Artistic kids will be excited to open their Pint Size Painters box. Photos by Harmony Skillman, Momma to Go

Children are exposed to famous pieces of art and encouraged to recreate them in their own vision. Boxes arrive with all necessary items to paint like a pro: canvas, brushes, palette, etc. Each kit is unique to the featured artist: The van Gogh kit, for example, includes a straw hat, an accessory van Gogh often donned when painting.

Of course, we recommend some newspaper to line your table, and a smock. But let's face it, we all know paint will be on kids' clothes, faces, the floor, perhaps even the dog. Don't fret, that's what washer machines are for. 

If you have the materials and just want the guide, that’s available for purchase as well. Pint Size Painters might move toward a subscription-based product, but for now it’s a one-time purchase — or more depending on which artists you’re interested in. It makes a great gift idea, too. Scrap the slime-making kits and opt for this entertaining art box.

Shhh: Kids don't have to know it's educational too, a parenting win.