Find Tutors in NYC and NJ with the New GooRoo App

A new NYC-based app, GooRoo, is connecting students (and their parents) with pre-screened tutors. It launched last spring from its home base on the Upper West Side, drawing on tutors from Columbia University, but has since expanded into all five boroughs, and more recently, Northern New Jersey, with tutors serving Bergen County, Jersey City, and Hoboken.

It’s a time-saver for busy parents, because each tutor has been interviewed in-person about his or her teaching style and passed a background check. Parents can peruse tutor ratings, pictures, and even videos. Read on for our review of this new app, and be sure to peruse the NYC Classes Guide or NJ Classes Guide to find more local enrichment options for your kids.

Preschool? Pfft...Why NYC High School Admissions Will Crush You

As amazing as this city is, living in NYC is not for the faint of heart. Raising kids here? Even more so. If you’ve gotten through preschool, elementary school, and even middle school admissions, you may be thinking, “I’ve got this.” Even spreadsheet-making, type-A parents who mastered the earlier grades may be shocked at how overwhelming and chaotic the high school application process is. I should know; I'm going through it with my second kid now and I'm still dizzy from the whirlwind.

Even if your kid is still a tyke, it's worth knowing what you are in for. I didn't want to just rely on my own experiences though. After addressing our mutual PTSD, I got the inside scoop on what you need to know about applying to high school in NYC from a bunch of been-there-done-that local parents.

25 Family Staycation Ideas for the NJ School Holidays in November

School kids across the country are looking at abbreviated November schedules, but New Jersey kids have several holidays to look forward to this month. First up is Election Day, Tuesday, November 8. While not all schools are closed, many are. Then we have Veterans Day on Friday, November 11, but may NJ schools will already be closed for the statewide teacher conferences happening Thursday, Novemenber 10, and Friday, November 11. That has caused some districts like Toms River to tell students to stay home all week!

Of course, don't forget about Thanksgiving later this month, when kids have Thursday, November 23, and Friday, November 24, and some have a half day or no school on the Wednesday prior. Yikes! That means more time off than the December holidays for some NJ school kids.

With that in mind, we're putting together a list of 25 fantastic things to do this November in New Jersey with the kids. Lucky for you, dear parent, the holiday season also means plenty of fun activities, many of them FREE. Read on for more ideas. 

Don't forget to find more fun in our November GoList and our daily Event Calendar of activities around New Jersey. It might also be a good time to check off one or two items on our list of 100 things to do in New Jersey with kids before they grow up

25 Staycation Ideas for the November School Holidays in NYC

Every time I look at my calendar lately, it seems like my kids are spending more time with me than they are in the classroom, and November in NYC seems to be particularly peppered with days off. Between Election Day, Veterans Day, and the pair of school holidays that make up Thanksgiving break, we've got plenty of time to kill. If you're not heading out of town to celebrate with family and friends, you might be searching for some staycation ideas for you and the kids.

Fear not, though we've already given you a slew of must-do activities to enjoy all month long, here are 25 more ideas for entertaining your brood in New York City on November's school holidays. Find more school holiday fun in our daily Event Calendar.


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