Quality Time: Take the Amy Sedaris Get Crafty Challenge

I don't think this was intended as a kid activity, but, you know, city kids are sooo sophisticated - we're just always doing cool stuff with them, like entering into adult contests hosted by celebrities on hyper-intellectual radio shows. So here's an opportunity to explore your child's artistic genius and exposing it for all the world to appreciate and have fun all at once - multitasking!
Amy wants you to get crafty. The challenge: make food come alive with googly eyes! In I Like You:Hospitality Under the InfluenceI Like You: The Art of Hospitality Under the Influence, Amy Sedaris dishes up whimsical advice on how to be creative at home and on Friday, February 9th, she shares some of her favorite projects on The Leonard Lopate Show. To join in on the Amy Sedaris Craft Challenge: add googly eyes to any item of food, then send us a photo of your creation. Amy will choose her favorite entry on-air on February 9th.
If you send in an entry be sure to :cc Mommy Poppins so we can see what Mommy Poppins readers did.
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