These Kids at the Women's March Will Melt Your Heart

When I was in first grade a child was killed crossing Seventh Avenue on his way to school by a speeding truck. So, I remember my first protest well. Just a handful of us, moms and kids, walking in a tight circle with signs and chanting to demand a crossing guard. We got that crossing guard and a lesson was learned: Even as kids, we could have a voice and make a difference.

America has been on tenterhooks this election season. It has caused much "unfriending" and, perhaps, drawn even more stark lines between groups. On Saturday, however, I saw Facebook friends from all backgrounds coming together at the Women's Marches across the country and the world. I even saw some who voted for Trump, but wanted to stand for women's rights and also listen to the other side! But of everyone out there, the thing that struck me the most was seeing all the children.

We may never agree on any of the political issues facing this nation, but one thing I hope we can all agree on is that these children are amazing and are learning that you're never too young to enjoy this country's most important freedoms of speech and peaceful protest. Whatever "sides" they may choose to take, I hope this is just the beginning for our daughters (and our sons) to feel powerful, valuable, and able to take constructive action to raise their voices, not to yell and name call, but to try to improve the world for all of us together.


DC Women's March

Photo: @coolmompicks


Photo: By Jenny Sowry via @alvinirby


NYC Women's March

Photo: @strollerinthecity


Photo: Rose Sala


Photo: @red.grams


Photo: @jfuentes


Photo: @mommypoppins


Los Angeles Women's March

Photo: Roberta Brown


Photo: Roberta Brown


Houston Women's March

Photo: Shary G Peck


Westfield, NJ Women's March

Photo: Staci Gordon


Asheville, NC Women's March

Photo: Mommy Poppins

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