Cocomelon Party Time Brings Catchy Tunes to Los Angeles

Cocomelon is coming to Los Angeles! Photo by Tom Pandi
Cocomelon is coming to Los Angeles! Photo by Tom Pandi
11/2/23 - By Gina Ragland

Cocomelon Party Time is coming to Los Angeles! Young kids can't get enough of Cocomelon, and now they'll have even more reason to celebrate. Babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and parents will soon be able to dance and sing with JJ, Cody, and the rest of the Cocomelon gang in real-time. 

This kid-centric experience will bring cherished nursery rhymes to life in Los Angeles. Cocomelon Party Time will delight young kids who can’t get enough of the popular television show. Keep reading below for what to expect at Cocomelon Party Time, from interactive activities, dance parties, and meet and greets. 

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Let The Cocomelon Celebrations Commence 

The Cocomelon Party Time experience begins on Friday, November 17, and has a limited run through Saturday, December 30. Tickets are on sale now

Cocomelon Party Time tickets are based on timed sessions, and each session lasts approximately 60 to 75 minutes. 

Cocomelon Party Time: sing-alongs and story times.
Expect sing-alongs and story times. Photo by Tom Pandi

The Cocomelon celebration will occur at Santa Monica Place, also home to the Cayton Children’s Museum and the Dr. Seuss Experience. That’s not counting all the fabulous holiday festivities that will be occurring there, too, which you can find details about in our Events Calendar

Cocomelon Party Time 

Immerse yourself into the charming and imaginative world of Cocomelon. Kiddos will soon be singing, “Yes, yes, yes, I want more Cocomelon!” if they aren’t already. Ideal for children ages one to five, interactive activities will be plentiful throughout the experience. 

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Cocomelon Party Time: hit the dance floor and boogie to catchy Coomelon tunes.
Hit the dance floor and boogie to catchy Cocomelon tunes. Photo by Tom Pandi

Of course, it would not be a Cocomelon party without singing and music. A light-up disco-like dance floor (like the one in that Looby Loo episode in JJ’s Tree House) will be ready-for-dance moves. Story times and sing-along performances will take place, as well. 

Party games like pin the tail on Cody’s Dino, ring toss, and Bear Bean Bag Toss will be available for play in the Cuddly Corner. A make-believe hot air balloon ride will take kids through the clouds and to a rainbow play zone. There will also be activity stations for coloring and a make-your-own party hat. 

Each party guest will receive a party-themed snack bag and get a meet and greet with favorite Cocomelon characters like JJ, YoYo, TomTom, Cody, and Nina. 

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Cocomelon Party Time: meet and greet favorite Cocomelon characters
Meet your favorite Cocomelon characters! Photo by Tom Pandi

Finally, the celebrations will also include the launch of Cocomelon Lane. Expect a brand-new story-driven Cocomelon series that will soon be premiering on Netflix on the same date that Cocomelon Party Time kicks off in Los Angeles on Friday, November 17. 

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