Climb to the top this spring break. Photo courtesy of Sender One
Climb to the top this spring break. Photo courtesy of Sender One

The Best In-Person and Online Spring Break Camps for LA Kids in 2021

Spring break around Los Angeles is a moving feast; some school districts have one week, and some have two. Some take a vacation in March, and some in April. Add to the mix the complications of Easter, Passover, and parent work schedules, and spring break camp in LA can be a tough knot to untie. From the Valley to the sea, surfing to science, and in-person to online, we think you'll find something perfect for your family among the camps below.

And if you're so on the ball that spring is already covered and you've moved on to summer, check out some of our favorite STEM camps and more in our Summer Camp Guide!

Places featured in this article:

Tumbleweed Day Camp
Learn More About This Place

Youth Office at Reed Park

CodeREV Tech Camp Anaheim Hills

MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Paleo Playdates
The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University - 10:00 AM Pick
Cayton Creators Community Program
Cayton Children's Museum - 10:00 AM
Sugar Rush
- 12:00 PM
Open: Arboretum
LA Arboretum - various times
Neighborhood Guides
Activity Guides