Cayton Children's Museum

Located in downtown Santa Monica, the Cayton Children's Museum offers 21,000 square feet of more than 20 discovery-based exhibits, art studios, and multi-purpose rooms for immersive play. Five core exhibit wings allow young visitors to develop their character, identity, purpose, and perspective. From a real-life helicopter to a miniature marketplace to immersive augmented reality, children 0 to 8 and adults alike can experience the Cayton differently every visit. Add a robust calendar of arts and cultural activities, including public programs, events, camps, classes, workshops, and more, to inspire all to Play Their Way to a Better World.

Beyond the museum walls, the Cayton implements community programs that bring a wealth of experience into neighborhoods and schools to reach children with limited access to the museum. These experiences, which celebrate the creative, performance, and visual arts, are offered throughout the year in partnership with non-profit and community-based organizations that serve parts of Los Angeles County where opportunities for creative, safe, purposeful, and free play are needed most.

Camp Cayton

Are you seeking engaging and immersive camp activities with free play this summer? Camp Cayton is an exciting and enriching summer camp experience for children aged 4-8. The six-weeklong camps explore diverse topics and activities, including our environment and planet, safari animals, and learning theater production. Facilitated by its program staff and expert Play Guides, Camp Cayton provides individual attention and support as your child discovers new skills, makes new friends, and has fun in a safe and welcoming environment.

Week 1 - Welcome Summer
Week 2 - Eager Environmentalists
Week 3 - Lights, Camera, Create
Week 4 - Animal Planet
Week 5 - All About Art
Week 6 - Intergalactic Expedition

Join Camp Cayton this summer at the Cayton Children's Museum for one, two, or all six stimulating weeks to build, create, and explore. Visit the website for more details.

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