Weekday Picks: Veterans’ Day, California Impressionists, the Stars at Night November 9-13

11/9/15 - By Jacqueline Stansbury

Those of us with school aged children need not be blindsided by the slightly inconvenient day off on Wednesday; if you work some place that doesn’t close for Veterans' Day and need child care, why not sign them up for beach camp? Remarkably, it is still warm enough to do that. When I’m not working, I tend to look at these days off as a gift of time with my kids. Find something cool to do! Southern California was home to two of our presidents, and regardless of how you feel about Richard Nixon or Ronald Reagan, their libraries are rich with history. The Reagan Library has Air Force One and panels from the Berlin Wall. In Yorba Linda, it is possible to see the humble home where Richard Nixon began his life. Both libraries have special events planned for this day honoring those who have served. (Note that the Nixon library is open, but the galleries are under renovation.) Not feeling presidential? There is loads going on this week that's not remotely political.


We call it the Autry, and it used to call itself a "National Center," but recently that cowboy themed joint by the zoo decided to call itself what it is—a museum—in the hope that this new name will bring more Google searchers its way. The Autry Museum of the American West is free on Tuesday and has a small exhibit of California Impressionist paintings that is remarkable for its origin: The paintings on display are from the Gardena High School art collection, which was compiled between the years of 1919 and 1956 when graduating high school seniors would donate an art work as a departing gift to their school. This was an immersive exercise. Students would visit artists in their studios, attend lectures and curate exhibitions on behalf of the program which ultimately engaged the entire community. This exhibit is a manageable size (9 paintings), and the emphasis on western landscapes is easy on the eye. It is also a nice opportunity to talk about giving back to our communities. When you are finished looking at the art, go on a scavenger hunt or head to the imagination gallery and revisit the days of the wild frontier.

There are many Veterans’ Day activities and lots more to do this week. Be sure to take a few minutes to look at our Daily Events Calendar.

1. Children’s Music Concert with Peanut – Monday
Start the week in Silver Lake with a little music. Peanut (a.k.a. Michal Karmi) strums the ukulele while singing original ditties like Hey Mister Mushroom and Little Bear Blue.
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2. Free Day at the Autry – Tuesday
The second Tuesday of the month is always free admission at Griffith Park’s Autry Museum. The kids’ room is great but be sure to check out the current exhibit of California Impressionists.
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3. Veterans' Day Beach Camp – Wednesday
Be thankful that our shores were saved, and send the kids to beach camp in Santa Monica if you can’t get the day off. Of course, if the whole family has the day off, then it's a great day for a parade in the Valley.
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4. Stories and Cookies – Thursday
Swing by for a free playdate at the Westfield Mall in Century City with Diana Ross’ daughter, Chudney, whose store on Main Street is charming.
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5. Razzle Dazzle – Friday
Meet up in Hidden Hills’ Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve for a star gazing hike at night.
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