Weekday Event Picks for LA Kids: Labor Day, Coding, New Year, Tall Ships, September 7-11

9/6/15 - By Jacqueline Stansbury

Labor Day–the first three day weekend of the academic year or the end of summer, depending upon whether or not school has resumed in your household. Even if school has started, the weather still cries summer, so be sure to enjoy every last drop of sunshine. El Niño is coming, and we can hopefully look forward to many rainy days. Our drought dry state could use them.

In anticipation of next week’s Jewish New Year, Pretend City is abuzz with a honey factory. Learn where honey comes from, why it is kosher, and how it is used to sweeten desserts during this holiday. In Santa Monica, the cool kids (and anybody who watches The Big Bang Theory knows that computer nerds are the cool kids) will be hanging at Code Rev Kids’ open house, where coding classes are what it’s all about. And ahoy, mates! The Tall Ships are returning to Dana Point. Why not make it a weekend and head to San Diego?

Monday is Labor Day and Friday the anniversary of 9/11. Be sure to check our event calendar. It’s a busy week.


1. Glaze Fire Grand Opening – Monday
In Los Feliz Glaze Fire Pottery studio celebrates its opening with an open house and $10 worth of free pottery painting supplies.
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2. Honey Factory at Pretend City – Tuesday
Be busy bees. In advance of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year next week, Pretend City has created a honey factory. Honey sweetens the year and also happens to be kosher.
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3. Kids Club at the Lakes – Wednesday
Free hand puppet hilarity sounds good to me, and there are several options at The Lakes for a meal al fresco before, during, or after the show.
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4. Code Rev Kids – Thursday
Come to the open house in Santa Monica to learn about coding and Code Rev Kids’ fall offerings in coding and art.
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5. Tall Ships Festival – Friday
The Ocean Institute in Dana Point is the place to enjoy this festival, which is launched with a parade of tall ships. Events include cannon battles, historical reenactments, and tours of real, working tall ships.
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