NYC Local Shopping Guide for Kids: Toy Stores, Children's Clothing, Boutiques

The NYC Insiders Guide to shopping

There was a time when New York City was filled with quaint ma-and-pa kids' shops selling cute toys, clothes and gear. But over the past few decades, the city has become mall-ified as big national chains have put a lot of those little stores we loved out of business. However, you can still find offbeat, locally owned children's stores as long as you know where to look.

The local stores featured in our NYC Kids Shopping Guide stock unique and often handcrafted playthings and outfits that you won't see on every kid in the playground. Plus, when you buy local, you're supporting your neighbors, community and the environment, so you can feel extra good about your purchase. We've rounded up lots neighborhood favorites on the Upper West Side, in Park Slope and beyond; second-hand stores where you can exchange old stuff for new-to-you treasures; plus a handful of exceptional experience chain stores where you might opt not to spend money, but your kids can play in for free.