Visit the New Balloon Museum Atlanta for Fun, Floating Art

Visit the beautiful Wonderland that is Atlanta's Balloon Museum, open through April 14, 2024. Photo by Melanie Preis
Visit the beautiful Wonderland that is Atlanta's Balloon Museum, open through April 14, 2024. Photo by Melanie Preis
3/1/24 - By Melanie Preis

Balloon Museum Atlanta is a fun, funky adventure into the wonderful world of inflatable art. Atlanta kids and families will LOVE exploring exhibits (many of which are interactive) that showcase amazing works of art through the coolest medium: balloons! My family was thoroughly impressed by the ingenuity, creativity, and beauty of these amazing works of art (and who doesn't love a ball pit?!). Go inside the new Balloon Museum: Let's Fly at Pullman Yards in Atlanta now!


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Balloon Museum Atlanta: Art Takes Flight

Go on a sensory journey, where beauty and ingenuity combine into the awesome attraction that is Balloon Museum Atlanta. Located at Pullman Yards, the Let's Fly exhibition in Atlanta's Kirkwood neighborhood, allows visitors to play, touch, feel, listen, and encounter a real-life fantasy world.

The Balloon Museum got its start across the pond in 2021, eventually mesmerizing over 4 million visitors across Europe, at limited-time runs in Rome, Paris, Milan, Naples, London, and then New York. And now Atlanta's pop-up museum (get it, all about balloons) runs until May 19, 2024 and showcases diverse artwork that explores the lightness and flight of air. These inflatable pieces of art are astounding for both young and old! 

Balloon Museum's Hyperstellar installation in Atlanta is a complete immersive experience for all ages. 

Amazing Exhibitions at Atlanta's Balloon Museum

The Atlanta Balloon Museum spans a huge amount of square footage at Pullman Yards, both inside and out. Make sure to visit ALL the gorgeous installations during your visit. Some of our favorite highlights that kids will love:

The GINJOS by Rub Kandy: As we do focus on families and kids here at Mommy Poppins, we have to list this exhibit as No. 1 on our recommended stops. These odd, life-size characters bop and move in a blacklit room full of loud music and bright colors. Kids will love pushing, hugging, bopping, and squeezing these weird roly-poly creatures!

Hyperstellar by Hyperstudio: This total immersion installation brings together the thrill of a ball pit synched to 360-degree screens with a choreographed "dance" with orbs from the ceiling to the ground. Trust me, kids will love it.

ADA by Karina Smigla-Bobinski: Combine the fun of bouncing a helium-filled balloon with the thrill of scribbling on the walls for the ultimate kid-friendly treat. As visitors push the sphere through the air, its graphite spikes design every surface of the room for an interactive, shared experience.

Swing by Motorefisico: Pictured in the feature photo, this installation features spheres suspended from the ceiling that come to life with the help of the audience. Visitors can push and spin these swings and bump into the others to create moving art.

There are many more fascinating exhibits so make sure to peruse the entire space. The inflatable maze is another great one for kids!

Meet the GINJOS during your visit to Atlanta's Balloon Museum for wacky, wonderful fun!

Balloon Museum Atlanta: Know Before You Go

  • The Balloon Museum in Atlanta is now open until May 19, 2024 at Pullman Yards (225 Rogers St.). Paid parking is available at nearby lots.
  • Tickets to the Balloon Museum in Atlanta start at $29 for children (ages 4-12) and $39 for adults (over age 13) Monday- Friday; $33 for children and $44 for adults on weekends. Ages 3 and under are always free. Strollers welcome.
  • The museum experience lasts about 1.5 hours and is suitable for all ages. 
  • Hours of operation: Monday - Friday 2-7pm; Saturday 10am-8pm; Sunday 10am-7pm
  • The Hyperstellar exhibit uses special machines that clean and disinfect all the balls.

Photos by Melanie Preis

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